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Week Commencing 22nd February 2021





This half term we are learning about SPACE. This is a favourite for everyone!


During this half term, we will be learning about the planets, the moon, the sun and earth, astronauts, as well as gravity! We will also be looking into learning about aliens and whether they exist or not?

We just know that you are going to love this topic just as much as your teachers do!


So this week, we are learning about Planets and space in general. Have lots of fun learning about the planets through videos and songs.  You might need a grown up to stop and explain some of the videos and powerpoints, as some parts are a little tricky to understand.


We are also going to continue learning the phonemes so far s a t p i n m d and we will be learning two new phonemes g and o. We will also be learning to blend these phonemes together to form simple words. It's a little tricky, but don't worry we will keep practising these until we are super confident with them. We are also going to do some writing from the phonemes we have learnt so far. We will be doing some of these in our live chats at 1pm.


Keep practising your numbers to 20 and counting out objects up to 20 as well. I have some activities for you to do as well. 


I have included some Space activities for you to complete as well about planets and don't forget to design your own planet! I can't wait to see your planets design!


Looking forward to seeing you all.

Mrs Kaur and Mrs Poole





All about the planets in Space


New phonemes 





Log onto Purplemash




The username is Nursery 

The password is 123


Task 1 : To create a space scene


Once logged in follow the steps below to get to 2DIY.


Home> Tools> Quiz and Game Creations>2 Do it yourself> Mutlidrag> Launch app> choose multi-drag5>click on   and learn how to create an animated scene!

Have lots of fun desiging a space scene with planets, the moon, astronauts, comets etc. If you are struggling to draw things then you can always click on the clipart  and choose pictures to put in your scene!