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Week Commencing 25th Jan 2021

Hi Children, 

It was so lovely to see you some of you on the Live chats. Mrs Kaur has surely missed seeing your smiley faces! 


So this week is my favourite week because we are learning about Penguins! My all time favourite animal. Penguins live in icy cold places, which remind us of Winter. So penguins are a Winter Animal, which is why we will be exploring all about them!


We are also practising two more letters this week 'i' and 'n'. We won't be learning any more until we are super confident with all the letters we have learnt so far, so keep practising 's a t p'too. I have attached a PowerPoint Phonics game that helps us practise what objects begin with these letters..have a go because I think it's fab! 


We are also practising to write numbers 1-5, as well as all writing the letters we have been learning so far. So keep on pratcising these children. Continue to work on recognising numbers and I have a few games below that will help you practise them! They are super cool!!! Keep looking out for shapes everywhere. Below there are some activity sheets, and remember if you need them printing out for you, just phone the school and I can get them ready for you!


Have fun learning about Penguins and I will see you in the Live chat videos this week!

Lots of hugs and smiles

Mrs Kaur  laughcheekyheart

Look at all the different things that begin with i and n.

Click on the writing below to watch the videos! 


Learning with Bounce Patrol - letter i


Learning with Bounce Patrol - letter n

s a t p i n Sorting game! Practise your phonics with this game!

Lets look at all the different penguins. Which penguin is your favourite?

Lets learn a little more about Emperor Penguins

      Click on the penguin to watch a video about Penguins!



I would like you to have a go at finding shapes around your house. Can you take a walk outside and spot some shapes?

Mrs Kaur went for a walk and spotted CIRCLES on the traffic lights, then I spotted that the bricks on houses were RECTANGLES! Explore outside and see what shapes you are surrounded by! HAVE FUN!!!



Keep practising your numbers from 11-20. 

Can you help Cat with his numbers? Play the game and help Cat demolish the building! Click on the icon to select the game. You will need to login with a gmail account.



Keep practising your numbers 1-10 as well. 

Can you help take a photoshoot of the numbers? Play the game and help the Cat take a photo of the number he says!

You will neeed to login with a gmail account.



Number practise Powerpoint

Help Pip with some counting!