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Week Commencing 8th Feb 2021

Hey Nursery,


We have a very busy week! There is so much going on...

First of all, we are going to be learning two new phonemes 'm' and 'd', but please keep practising to think of things that begin with the other phonemes s a t p i n.  We are working on our rhyming words too, you are getting really good at them now! This Tuesday is Internet Safety Day, which is about how we can keep safe and how we can find out which information is real or not....  I have a cool Digiduck story about that!

We are also celebrating Chinese New Year, the year of the OX, and I have an awesome story that tells you all about how it all began! It's also Valentines week, celebrating the people we love and care for! I love Valentines Day! Who is your number 1 favourite person? and why? (Mine is Gurleen and Avneet (my two daughters!), I love them because they always give me lots of cuddles and smiles, my heart feels so warm when I am with them!

We are also learning about being fair and kind to our friends, it's a story about Farmer Duck!.. It is so sad what happens to him, but the ending is great! I hope you enjoy this story like I did!


Mrs Kaur and Mrs Poole








s a t p i n m d learning

Rhyming words Quiz

Chinese New Year 2021

The year of the Ox 


Have a look at all the different craft activities and learning for Chinese New Year!

Internet Safety Day!


It is internet Safety Day on Tuesday.

Click on the Detective Digiduck picture to read the story.


 Now, think about these questions..

What happened in this story?

Why was Digiduck sad at the start?

What did he do to help with his problem?

What did Digiduck learn from this story?




Farmer Duck

We are learning about being fair and sharing responsibility.



Click on the icon and watch the story book of Farmer Duck.


Answer these questions with your parents and think about feelings and how to be fair.


What is the story about?

How do you think the duck feels having to do all the work?

Do you think the farmer is being fair to the duck? why?

Why did the duck's friends help the duck?

What do you think the duck means when he says " Quack!"

Why do you think the farmer doesn't help with the work?

Why didn't the other animals help at the beginning?

What would you do if something was unfair?

Valentines day

Let us learn about Valentines day. Think about someone you love. Who makes you happy? Why?


Have a look at all the different activities for Valentines.