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Wk Beg 10th June

Wednesday 10th June

Hello Nursery!

How are you all this morning? I am sure you are disappointed not to be back in Nursery but the learning we will have been doing together can continue at home. You have done so well so far, keep going! Now we have the Blog too for communication

The new topic for the Summer Term is ‘Growing’ this is not just plants but you and your feelings, working together we will be looking at the world around us for inspiration and as a metaphor for developing better awareness of our feelings and managing them. We will be building a ‘toolkit’ for starting School in September.

(This article supports why this is important)

Communication and Language Development;

Brilliant song exploring changing moments from Out Of The Ark Change and Grow great for starting to talk about what our new future is going to look like, going to Big School and September. This is what we would be doing a lot in Nursery. Oh I miss you all!!

Literacy: Tell your ‘Growing Story’ using your own photos and maybe lay them out in a story map on the floor so you can ‘walk’ the story. You can draw and write out in a story map on a large piece of paper too, or lay out your favourite toys, from over the years. I have included a Story Map blank worksheet in today’s section.

Mathematics;  Sort by colour- go crazy, do the cans in the kitchen, the clothes in your drawers, the books on your shelves. Ask your family members in your house and via phone what their favourite colours are and collect the information in a graph (I have included a worksheet) Do not forget to check out White Rose Maths for Early Years.

Story time; I have recorded the Growing story for you to view on the Blog, it is just for Nursery and not for wider sharing due to copyright law. Here is a video of the Dr Seuss Story My Many Coloured Days

Physical Development: all you need is to subscribe to the Go Noodle channel if you have not already! This is a goodie Mood Walk

Reflection: How did you feel today? Use your EMOJI STONES to check in and think about how you feel before and after doing and activity. Have a look at the Joyful June Calendar, what can you do from there?

*STILL THIS *I have only just discovered Thank you Baked Potato by Matt Lucas, but I already cannot stop singing it or checking out his latest duet on Twitter! Please enjoy if you have not already discovered it and I am sorry if it is stuck in your head too!

So in order to prepare for going to school we are all going to need to practice washing our hands properly. I have been using this video for the World Health Organisation as my guide. Remember to check my Child-friendly Covid section as well for useful videos

Have a lovely day, look at what is growing in your garden, take pictures, after this rain everything is going to shoot up!

Miss Brewerton & Mrs Poole


Thursday 11th June


I hope you are enjoying all of the learning suggestions, don’t forget you can email on admin@didsburyroad.stockport.sch.uk if you have any further questions or want to let us know what you are doing!

You can also visit our CLASS BLOG; follow Pupils-Home Learning-Class Blogs-N2, which has gone live this morning. You can register and create an avatar. Read and answer posts from me or submit your own posts. We can have a conversation! I cannot wait to hear from you all. Not everyone has done this so check it out.

Preparing your children to come back into school must seem daunting, don’t forget to check all the resources collected here on the Nursery page. ‘Child Friendly Covid Info’ updated regularly. We have been practicing how to wash our hands thoroughly. Preparing your child for school post COVID-19 is a challenge best achieved by supporting at home as well as school so please do check out this section.

I am enjoying seeing what you are all up to, do not forget you DO NOT have to do everything, just judge what you and your child need or want to do.

Physical Development: Here is another great song from Go Noodle Banana, banana Meatball.

Communication and Language Development; Make another themed Story telling basket using items from your childhood and maybe seasonal items too.  This helps you retell The Growing Story and enrich the experience. You can enact it or even make up a ‘What Happens Next’ version.

Mathematics: Counting on and back up as high as you want, explore the number patterns, count in 2’s or 10’s. Grown-ups you can model without expecting your child to know it all, just have fun and practise.I have added some counting sheets in todays section.

Story time; Here is a lovely story about feelings. In My Heart I have suggested some activites at the end, look on the Blog for more information.

Reflection; List three good things about today and have a go at this Mindful activity.

Have a gorgeous day,

Miss Brewerton & Mrs Poole

Friday 12th June

Dear Nursery,

Morning! What are your plans today? While I have been working with Key Worker children in school we have been outside in the Nursery garden. We have seen many interesting minibeasts. So today, I have been thinking of things you can do in your outside spaces right now!

Communication and Language Development: I think there can be nothing better than developing your language by getting outside and looking at real life stuff. Look under rocks and logs but do not forget to replace them as you found them. You can also use a white sheet; place it under a low lying tree or bush. Shake the bush vigorously but not so as to damage it.

Pull the sheet out and gather around it, it should be full of dust, leaves and bits, wait and you will find that some of those bits start to move! Magic! The things living where we cannot see them! I really find this minibeast id flow chart is brilliant as it develops your questioning so you can be a master id spotter very soon!

I have added some other nature resources in todays section, have fun searching!

Mathematics: We watched the Numberblocks  Five: Holes and Five Hide & Seek, it is a gentle way into addition and splitting numbers. I have added some minibeast themed worksheets.

Story time; The Very Cranky Bear is a lovely story about thinking about others and what they might need.

Reflection: We cut lavender and made lavender wands like this. You may want to try and use this lovely meditation while smelling the lavender scent.

Well done! You and your family have done your first week of Summer Term 2 Home Learning! I hope you are all really proud of yourselves, let us know on our class blog how it has been going.

Miss  Brewerton & Mrs Poole