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Wk Beg 18 May

Monday 18th May

Good Morning Nursery!

This week we are thinking about the story Farmer Duck. Another one of our favourites, we love the illustrations, especially those chickens with the floofy legs, check it out!

Knowledge & Understanding of the World/Topic: Farmer Duck Get any farm animals out and use boxes to make the buildings if you do not have them. Make a small world and re-play Farmer Duck’s story or make up your own. What are your favourite animals on the farm? What sounds so they make? What adventures are they going to have today?

Don’t forget you can make an origami book or a zig zag book and make your own Farmer story up.

While you are out and about be on the lookout for feathers, when you find one, try to be a nature detective and figure out which bird left it behind. Here is a brief guide and an ace game Feather Frenzy to play from the RSPB.

Mathematics Count on and back through 20. Look at the animals you have in your farm, group them, order them and count them to see how many of each type you have. Can you keep a tally? I have added some cut and stick Maths sheets to do with Numbers in today’s Home Learning.

Story Time: Jez Alborough has written some ace books, here are two and a film of him drawing that is very interesting.Hugo the Hare's Rainy DayBilly the Goat's Big Breakfast , Jez Alborough draws Nat the Cat

Phonics Play: watch and join in with this Alphablocks episode today. Collect a plate of things that begin with ‘D’ from around the house and play Kims Game with them. Maybe using last week’s playdough make the letters SATPIN in dough and trace them with your fingers.

This is the Barefoot Books lovely Mindful Moment for this week, perfect to finish your Monday learning.

Hope you are all having fun and don’t forget to look for feathers when you are out today? Speak tomorrow.

Miss Brewerton & Mrs Poole


Tuesday 19th May

Morning! I hope yesterday was fun! How did you do on the Feather hunt and bird watching? The bird song seems so much louder now. I find the BTO website great for Bird ID, it has little comparative clips.

I have added some more items in Family Friendly Covid Info and Mind friendly sections at the bottom of the Nursery page check them out. 

Communication and Language Development; Can you retell the Farmer Duck story. There are picture prompts & story sequencing cards to help in the Home Learning section. Use the purple book or make a little book if you want to draw pictures from the story and write a caption to go with it. Remember to try to write some of the letters you can here as you sound out the words you want to write.

Mathematics: I have included a new home learning pack.

Physical Development: Finger gym activities for Farmer Duck can be using teaspoons to transport dried corn kernels to your cows and pigs in your farm. Alternatively you can collect cotton wool balls ( with tweezers or tongs) for your sheep, counting them out onto number cards to 10.

Also play Farm Animal Charades or sing Farmer’s in His den.

Knowledge & Understanding of the World/Topic: Farmer Duck: Play with model pigs in ‘mud’ by making and cooling porridge, a great sensory experience, what words would you use to describe how it feels.

Do ‘farm jobs’ sweeping- etc make list and then role play or help with the housework, how would poor Duck feel?

Expressive Arts & Design:  Out Of The Ark song is Wake Up Find the activity sheet too. There is a great Yoga Pretzels pack to do.

Story time: Ed Vere reads Bedtime for Monsters , The Breathing Song by Julia Donaldson

Check the Ethnic Diversity Service Section, there are some new uploads including help with your child and a fact sheet on SPAIN!

Have a fab day, I am hoping for rain for my garden, are you? I really love the smell outdoors after the first rain after warm weather, it is called petrichor.

Miss Brewerton & Mrs Poole

Wednesday 20th May

Hello Nursery!

How are you all this morning? I hope you have been enjoying the story of Farmer Duck. It actually links really well with being mindful about self-care and mental wellbeing. I have been adding items into the sections at the bottom of the Nursery Page; Covid Child Friendly Explanation, Mind Friendly Stuff, do check them out.

Communication and Language Development;

Brilliant song exploring spatial language on a Farm Theme for you here I have uploaded some other songs and rhymes for you to learn this week in today’s section.

Literacy: Re-tell the story of Farmer Duck using the sequencing cards and maybe lay them out in a story map on the floor so you can ‘walk’ the story. You can draw and write out in a story map on a large piece of paper too, or lay out your small world toys. I have included a Story Map blank worksheet in today’s section.

Mathematics; Use the Farmer Duck size ordering worksheet in today’s Home Learning section. Maybe do a Shape Spot on today’s walk, take pictures of the shapes you find? Do not forget to check out White Rose Maths for Early Years.

Story time; I absolutely love this story The Selfish Giant from Oscar Wilde, a classic. Last week we shared The Smartest Giant in Town, how does that compare with this one?

Physical Development: all you need is to subscribe to the Go Noodle channel if you have not already! This is a goodie Boom Chicka Boom

Reflection: How did you feel today? Use your EMOJI STONES to check in and think about how you feel before and after doing and activity. Do some Mindful Colouring today; I have added some animal ones, have you seen the lovely Roald Dahl quote ones in Mind Friendly Info section? Also check out the 40 acts of kindness you can do at home.

I have only just discovered Thank you Baked Potato by Matt Lucas, but I already cannot stop singing it or checking out his latest duet on Twitter! Please enjoy if you have not already discovered it and I am sorry if it is stuck in your head too!

Have a lovely day, it feels like it is going to be hot, wear a hat , drink lots and don’t forget to water your plants!

Miss Brewerton & Mrs Poole


Thursday 21st May


I hope you are enjoying all of the learning suggestions, don’t forget you can email on admin@didsburyroad.stockport.sch.uk if you have any further questions or want to let us know what you are doing!

You can also visit our CLASS BLOG; follow Pupils-Home Learning-Class Blogs-N2, which has gone live this morning. You can register and create an avatar. Read and answer posts from me or submit your own posts. We can have a conversation! I cannot wait to hear from you all.

Preparing your children to come back into school must seem daunting, don’t forget to check all the resources collected here on the Nursery page. ‘Child Friendly Covid Info’ updated regularly, I have included a new book today and the ‘Family Support’ stuff has more guidance.

We usually take part in Outdoor Classroom Day, this year they have had to adapt it to take place at Home, check out the separate Check In all about it and do it whenever you want!

I am enjoying seeing what you are all up to, do not forget you DO NOT have to do everything, just judge what you and your child need or want to do.

Physical Development: Shear a sheep! Yes really! I saw a great idea on the internet. Draw a large sheep on paper (old wall paper if you have it) Spray the sheep fleece with Shaving foam and use a spatula to scrape it off.

Do not waste the shaving foam, it can go into a large tray and you can trace letters into it or just enjoy the sensations!

Also cut toilet roll tubes in half, decorate them as different farm animals and then stack them on top of each other in a pyramid style to bowl balls at to knock down. Hours of run stacking and knocking down and if you get good at it, have a scoring system.

Here is a ‘Feed the animals’ fine motor activity you can do as well.

Communication and Language Development; Make another themed Story telling basket either Farmer Duck or maybe a musical one like Old McDonald. This helps you retell the story and enrich the experience. You can enact it or even make up a ‘What Happens Next’ story.

Mathematics: Counting on and back up as high as you want, explore the number patterns, count in 2’s or 10’s. Grown-ups you can model without expecting your child to know it all, jest have fun and practise. I have added some Farm themed Maths sheets in today’s section.

Story time; Barefoot Books at Bedtime The Book Tree Storytime for Children Topsy and Tim at the Farm

Reflection; List three good things about today… I have added some mindful activity cards for you to do with your family.

A nurse in Southampton has written and illustrated a short story to help explain the coronavirus to children in a bid to reduce fears and anxieties around the outbreak. You can find ‘Nurse Dotty books’ Dave the Dog, to download free here.

Do not forget to clap at 8pm tonight for the NHS.

Have a gorgeous day,

Miss Brewerton & Mrs Poole

It is Outdoor Classroom Day TODAY May 21st 2020

Dress up in nature today and share your creations with the world! Outdoor Classroom Day UK & Ireland be sharing lots of ideas– from using natural dyes to turn old clothes into nature colours to creating nature out of recycled materials. If it’s possible, you could spend the whole day playing outdoors in your creation. Or you could dress up for your daily walk or hang out on the balcony to make your neighbours smile. This is something everyone can take part in! Whatever you do, share it on her and you can share it on social media on today using #PlayfulNature.


If the children in your care are stuck indoors due to the global coronavirus crisis, help them connect to nature through play with these lovely ideas from the Outdoor Classroom Day community!

Write about or draw the nature you can see outside your window.

  • Create a nature den – add plants, use nature colours and play nature sounds.
  • Spot animals out of your window and imitate them.
  • Share your favourite memories of playing in nature.
  • Play a nature-based game of ‘I spy’ out of your window.
  • Make a pinwheel, open the window and find out how windy it is.
  • Open your window and listen to the sounds of nature.
  • Spot clouds and keep a journal of all the things you see in them.
  • Make a nature scrapbook – things you can hear, see, feel.
  • Sing nature songs out of the window or on the balcony.


Top tips for Dens at Home Top tips for Parenting Playfully

Through play, we can help our children retain their connection to the natural world during the coronavirus crisis.

Lots more ideas here

Remember you could watch the film Project Wild Thing for free here, a great way to end Outdoor Classroom day!


Friday 22nd May

Dear Nursery,

Morning! What are your plans today? It has rained! I love looking for raindrops on leaves; they look beautiful in the morning sun.

Physical Development: You are going to love this idea! Seen on Pinterest, why don’t you MILK THE COW ! I bet you have some rubber gloves at home.

We have also included some Minibeast Cutting skills sheets in today’s section.

Here is a great Go Noodle song to get you moving Chicken Dance.

Communication and Language Development: There are some farm Animal masks in today’s section. Make them and retell Farmer Duck, or another Farm story or make up your own?

Mathematics: I am sure you still have a lot of mathematics to do from yesterday’s booklet, enjoy! Don’t forget to count your farm animals out and back in to make sure you have not lost any!

Story time & Lunch Prep; Fruity Friday! Share some fruit & look at it, help peel it or prepare it, look for the seeds and compare different fruits. Here are a couple of fruit themed books Eating the Alphabet book (American pronunciations sometimes) and Oliver’s Fruit Salad. Here is a lovely Out Of The Ark song Eat Your Greens. .

Topic;  Young People’s Trust For The Environment this is another great site to explore. There are some great activity packs. I have included a few;Plants,  Minibeasts ( & Dinosaurs) . It might be straying a bit from Farmer Duck theme but it is because we can find so many just beyond our doorstep and it is so interesting! Great Holiday activities too!

Reflection: Do The Sleeping Bunny There are also some great Yoga Resources uploaded for you today.

Well done! You and your family have done your LAST week of Summer Term 1 Home Learning! I hope you are all really proud of yourselves, let us know on our class blog how it has been going. We will have a break now for the Whit Holidays. I hope you enjoy it and look for minibeasts, maybe even make your own Minibeast hotel (planning sheet in today’s section)! 

Miss  Brewerton & Mrs Poole