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Wk Beg 23rd March

Monday 23rd March

What a sunny day! The sun has got his hat on and that makes me want to sing!

The Sun Has Got His Hat On

If You Are Happy And You Know it...

Today we chalked on the ground and traced our shadows. Then we looked at how they changed as the sun moved across the sky, you can try that at home too.

Count on and back, from 0-30. You can count in different ways, clapping, nodding, or swinging your arms like an elephant’s trunk!

Luckily, we can still write and post letters, now is the time to write postcards and send them to your family wherever they are and you may get some nice post back. Don’t forget you could do that by email too. Here is a nice post game.

Also to help your child start to understand meaningful print in the environment, start making name labels for different rooms. Also collect labels and packaging and make a PRINT WALL to show off what print you can read and make games like bingo with them.

Hope you are all having fun and learning to keep your rooms tidy too! Speak tomorrow.

Miss Brewerton & Mrs Poole


Tuesday 24th March

I hope you had a good day today. Be sure to watch the Fireside Story and join in!

Today we painted and stuck paper down to make rainbows, all the children at home are making them to hang in their windows. You can read about it here.

We also made our own dream catchers after reading Celestine and the Hare - Catching Dreams, King Norty a character in the book made his own film

While I was looking for instructions on how to make a dream catcher here.

I found this ace website and look you can capture a cobweb! We ALL need to do this....

Hope you are all having fun and learning to keep your rooms tidy too! Speak tomorrow.

Miss Brewerton & Mrs Poole


Wednesday 25th March

Hello Nursery!

Another lovely sunny day today!

Perfect for playing outside. Have you tried making a short obstacle course in your outside space, or indoors if you prefer. try going over it slowly, quickly, backwards, sideways, carrying a teddy, carrying a cup of water!

Have you listened to David Walliams yet, he is releasing a story everyday , you can find it here.

Today we made Jelly Fish mobiles using paper plates and wool. Like these ones ...

We also made cupcakes using these recipes.

Have a lovely day!

Miss Brewerton & Mrs Poole


Thursday 26th March


Here is an activity to put joy in your hearts. Fancy making a kite?

It is on Twinkl here use the code CVDTWINKLHELPS


While you are making it why not have this earworm?

Here is a lovely Kite Story.

If you are on Instagram why not follow https://www.instagram.com/woodentots_montessori/ you can play along with your child.

Don't forget to clap at 8pm tonight for the NHS.

Have a gorgeous day,

Miss Brewerton & Mrs Poole


Friday 27th March

Dear Nursery,

Morning! What are your plans today? Maybe make a plan, write it and stick it somewhere so your grown up knows what you want to do and remember to cross them off when you do it. 

Today we are planting peas for either pea plants or pea shoots in our recycled plastic milk-bottle hanging planter.

Why don't you have a go with any pulses you have lying around? You can practise singing the Pea pod song too, don't forget the actions!

Here is a great story to go with the Seed theme, A Seed Is Sleepy

And this is a great poem, by Jeanne Willis 

Wild Child

“They caught all the wild children,
and put them in zoos,
They made them do sums
and wear sensible shoes.
They put them to bed
at the wrong time of day,
And made them sit still
when they wanted to play.
They scrubbed them with soap
and they made them eat peas.
They made them behave and
say pardon and please.
They took all their wisdom and wildness away.

That’s why there are none
in the forests today.”

Have fun today and get a little bit wild! 

Have a great day! 

Miss Brewerton & Mrs Poole