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Wk Beg 27th April

Monday 27th April

Good Morning Nursery!

This week we are learning about the Life Cycle of a Frog, see if you can see frogspawn or tadpoles during your daily walk. A real sign of Spring! I hope you like the story, it made me laugh!

Knowledge & Understanding of the World/Topic: Frog Life Cycle  Cut out the life-cycle pictures and have fun arranging them into an order. Why is it a cycle? Check out the life-cycle video in this weeks Frog Life Cycle part of the Home Learning 2020 section.

Mathematics Count on and back through 20. Make lily pads out of paper, cushions, anything and hop around counting ON, now can you count back? Can you jump back? Be careful!

Story Time: Here is a video of Author & Illustrator Emily Hughes reading her book Wild

Phonics Play: a great website that has made its content free for you to use with your child. You can sign up here. Once you log in play Cake Bake

Literacy Development: Can you make your own Life line? Find some pictures from when you were a baby, 1 , 2 ,3 and now. Next make a lifecycle picture about you, write about the changes you can see with the help of your grown up.

Physical Development: I was googling the possibility of a frog dance and I found this simple but energetic routine ( to the most annoying song ever! Sorry-not-sorry)! Have fun dancing like a CRAZY FROG!

Hope you are all having fun and those seeds we gave you are starting to grow, they need lots of watering! Speak tomorrow.

Miss Brewerton & Mrs Poole


Tuesday 28th April

Morning! I hope yesterday was fun!

Communication and Language Development; Days of The Week song. Don’t forget this song to help to remember the days of the week and start, your routine by talking about what day is it TODAY and then what is the weather like? Have you been keeping your own weather record chart? Alternatively, maybe you have kept a diary using the Journal we sent home for you. I hope that we will see a change in the weather today; all the plants need some rain. I have had to use a watering can every night have you? Out of The Ark have a Days of the Week song, why don’t you do it as well & look at the activities ( in the Home Learning section).

Physical Development: Finger Gym today; fill a washing up bowl with soapy water. Add marbles if you have them or pebbles, glass stones or similar. Try to squeeze a marble or stone and make it LEAP out of the bowl.  Did you know you could exercise like a Frog? I found Five Great Moves on this Blog by Frog Mom. I am going to try it, will you?

Knowledge & Understanding of the World/Topic: Frog Life Cycle  Here are some STEM videos on Lifecycles . The Woodland Trust do have some fab Frog facts what do Frogs Eat? And more Frog Facts.

Expressive Arts & Design:  There are two new PDFs in the Home Learning section; one is to make a Headband showing the Frog Lifecycle, you can wear it to do your Five Frog Moves? There is also a game using a dice to roll and colour in the right part of the Frog life cycle.  

Story time: There is a lovely retelling of The Frog Prince story and a video about how to make a Frog Mask. Find it in the Home Learning section.

Check out the new activities from the Ethnic Diversity Service (look on the Bee buttons in Home Learning 2020) It is all about Japan this week!

Have fun being a Frog today!

Miss Brewerton & Mrs Poole

Wednesday 29th April

Hello Nursery!

How are you all this morning? I hope you have been enjoying the Frog Life Cycle Week so far. Remember you can do this as and when fits in with your day.


Communication and Language Development; Silly Sound Soup is a fun way to practice hearing the initial sounds in words. Do not forget names can go in the soup too. There is a PDF to print off in the Home Learning bit. I have included a song which, although is about real food, you could adapt to play the Silly Soup Sounds game.


Mathematics; Remember your Frog Moves from yesterday? Now try them while counting on and back. Counting is harder when you are using your brain to move as well! Here is a Maths conundrum using frogs, it may be one for the whole family! Don’t forget to check out White Rose Maths for Early Years.


Story time; anyone else watching all of Wes Dr Seuss Raps? Here is Green Eggs and Ham, this only uses 50 words and Dr Seuss wrote it as a challenge to make simple vocabulary books interesting, I think he managed that don’t you? I absolutely think it suits reading in the rap style!


Physical Development: we sing and dance a lot in Nursery; the children are not just getting exercise, they are coordinating movements, balancing and developing their brain! Last week we followed Oti Mabuse teaching us to dance to ‘I like to Move It’ from Madagascar! I have actually done this one! It is ace.

It is going to be a wet day today. You can do a Scavenger hunt inside for things that begin with SATPI or N and make your own Silly Sound soup.

Have a lovely day!

Miss Brewerton & Mrs Poole


Thursday 30th April


I hope you are enjoying all of the learning suggestions, don’t forget you can email on admin@didsburyroad.stockport.sch.uk if you have any further questions or want to let us know what you are doing! I am enjoying seeing what you are all up to, don’t forget you DO NOT have to do everything, just judge what you and your child need or want to do.

Physical Development; Something different today, there is a great account to follow to help you be creative with your Early Years child. It is :https://www.instagram.com/earlyyearswhitworth/ They have really tried to help you do this at home, they had a great Movement Session that would be lovely for you to do. Check it out.

Communication and Language Development; Don’t forget to repeat learning, I have uploaded a Lifecycle Wheel in the Home Learning section, to make, this can help prompt conversations about the life of a frog, let your child retell the lifecycle. Repeat back to them what they say, leaving it open for them to continue, this is a great way to get children talking without putting words in their mouths.

Mathematics: Count On & Back. Remember to count on and back in funny ways. Frog numbers: jump up on the spot. Tadpole numbers: wriggle your TAIL! Frogspawn numbers: puff your cheeks to make your face as egg shaped as possible! Wriggle numbers: Wriggle your shoulders as you count.

Music: Out of the Ark Song, for Thinking Thursday is perfect; The Tadpole Song; it has a great activity sheet too in the Home Learning section.

Creativity:  Perfect for our Frog week! Did you do the Frog trail last summer? Well there are going to be new frogs in town! Print out your own Frog , decorate it and stick it in your window. Perhaps share it with your Stockport friends and family, I am going to put some through the doors of my neighbours and see if we can make a whole street of Frogs!

Story time; Check out the The Book of Hopes: Words and Pictures to Comfort, Inspire and Entertain Children in Lockdown. Available to read online. Also here is one of my Favourite Michael Rosen Poems: Chocolate Cake!

Reflection; Building in a daily reflection is a great way of checking in on your child’s feelings. It lets them express themselves independently. Are you regularly listing three things to be grateful for at the end of a day? This can positively effect your wellbeing. In addition, you could check out Wild Wellbeing from Stockport’s Behaviour Support Service to utilise the benefits of Nature at Home.

Do not forget to clap at 8pm tonight for the NHS.

Have a gorgeous day,

Miss Brewerton & Mrs Poole

Friday 1st May

Dear Nursery,

Morning! What are your plans today? I do not know about you but if I do not tick the day off on my calendar I don’t know what day it is, sometimes they are a blur! I love the downloadable calendars from Action for Happiness. I have added the May one into this week’s Learning section.  

Physical Development : Get Active with This Girl Can doing ‘You are Welcome’ from Moana  Also you can practice jumping like a frog and measure who can do the longest jump from a standing position in your family. Just use something to measure the start, use a tape measure and measure to the heel of the person who has jumped.

Communication and Language Development & Literacy Development: Tadpole’s Promise (in Home Learning section) is a story about change and metamorphosis. We humans change too but not as dramatic as frogs or butterflies. Today I would like you to collect together pictures of your family and order them by age. Look at the changes that happen as we grow. Maybe you could print some off and make a little family book? Do not forget to write who each person is in your family and their age!

Mathematics: Here is a video about how to make Origami Frogs, this will need a grown-up to help. I was wondering if you do not have frogs, you could make some, or use pebbles for this maths game. Cut out 10 Lilly Pad shapes. With these you can; add frogs onto each lily pad according to number 10 on 10 and 4 on pad 4 and so on, make sure to touch count your frogs (showing 1-1 match). You can also mix up the lily pads and then order them again 1-10 or 10-1. Here is the song Five Green and Speckled Frogs you can also use a log and 5 origami frogs to act out this song.

Lunch Prep; Fruity Friday! Share some fruit & look at it, help peel it or prepare it, look for the seeds and compare different fruits.

Topic; Here is a simple experiment to find out why Frogs don’t Freeze. Have fun!

Story time; Today is the 1st May and that is the ancient celebration of Beltane. Beltane is a Celtic word, which means 'fires of Bel' (Bel was a Celtic deity). It is a fire festival that celebrates of the coming of summer and the fertility of the coming year. You could have a fireside story today or light a candle. Maybe make a Nature Headdress by sticking spring flowers and blossom onto a card headband (they may need drying out first). I have added a lovely PDF about children as storytellers in Nature that is a lovely way to develop your storytelling as a family. That is why there is no story video today. Make up your own and tell it around fire, maybe with tasted marshmallows!

Reflection: Write down what each of you hope for your future self by the end of this month. Pop it in an envelope and seal. Save it to open at the end of the month.  Enjoy.

Well done! You and your family have done your SECOND week of Summer Term Home Learning! I hope you are all really proud of yourselves and have wonderful Beltane. Have a great weekend! 

Miss  Brewerton & Mrs Poole