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Wk Beg 30th March

Monday 30th March

Good Morning Nursery! There are little snowflakes on the roof of my car and little sleety showers keep falling! Stay warm today on your walk. What do you need to wear to keep warm outside? Can you get yourself ready and all wrapped up?

Knowledge & Understanding of the World.

Whatever The Weather Here is a Chant to learn, practice the chorus first than the rhyme one line at a time. Maybe make eight cards showing symbols representing the types of weather conditions.

Whether the weather is windy,

Whether the weather is grey,

We don’t care whatever the weather,

We’re going out to play!

Person 1

Person 2

Stiff breeze?

Yes, please!

Warm sun?

That’ll be fun!

Thick fog?

Take the dog!

Hail storm?

Wrap up warm!

Really hot?

So what!

Cold ice?

That’ll be nice!

Hard rain?

Brolly again!

Deep snow?


Whether the weather is windy,

Whether the weather is grey,

We don’t care whatever the weather,

We’re going out to play!

What’s the Weather Like Today?

Topic: Easter

Easter Art; here is a nice activity to start your Easter display off, cut out an egg shape and then make a hand-print , draw a bunny face on it. Use paint for the handprint or draw around your hand.  See the bunny egg idea here.

Story Time:

Here is a retelling of The Easter Story by Brian Wildsmith

Phonics Play: a great website that has made its content free for you to use with your child. You can sign up here. Once yon log in play Super Smoothie

Physical Development: Gross Motor Tape Lines/ Gross Motor Dice

Use tape to make lines on the floor, this is a perfect indoor activity, it can be done just with verbal instructions or add homemade dice as an extension.

Keep sharing and re-reading your favourite books at home, the more you read, the more you will know!

Hope you are all having fun and helping to tidy up! Speak tomorrow.

Miss Brewerton & Mrs Poole


Tuesday 31st March

Morning! I hope yesterday was fun!

Communication and Language Development;         Days of The Week song. Here is a song to help remember the days of the week and help your routine by talking about what day is it TODAY and then what is the weather like? Perhaps make your own weather record chart?

Physical Development: turn a colander upside- down and using uncooked spaghetti strands, challenge your child to poke them into the holes, counting as they do so. This really helps those fingers strengthen for writing. See some lovely similar activities here.

Expressive Arts & Design: Make your own Bunny face use a lolly stick or pencil or spare wooden spoon (you can have it back afterwards!) Stick on a set of whiskers, make these from pipe cleaners or tightly rolled newspaper and finish with a fluffy pompom (there are lots of how-to in the internet) nose.

Story time: now you can be cheeky Rabbit FouFou, here is it being told by the Author Michael Rosen. Alternatively, watch the story here.

Have ‘bunny’ fun today and remember to help put away all your things!

Miss Brewerton & Mrs Poole

Wednesday 25th March

Hello Nursery!

We sing a special song in Nursery for Days of the Week. Can you remember it and the actions? We are all learning this week, I learned how to make a sound file and I am hoping you enjoy singing along with me!

Communication and Language Development / Mathematics; While you are staying inside and close to home why don’t you set up a little shop for all things Easter? You could rub coins with crayons and cut them out for money. You could wrap up some boxes in old wrapping paper to be posh Easter Eggs. Take turns to be the shopkeeper and maybe keep a pad to write down any orders.

I found a great shopping film to practice with those tricky coins.

Story time; Here is a beautiful set of traditional stories designed to be downloaded and read aloud, to your children. One Tree story for each month.

Physical Development: we sing and dance a lot in Nursery; the children are not just getting exercise, they are coordinating movements, balancing and developing their brain! Now here is a useful prompt of some song & dance favourites. My favourite is ‘I’ve Got a Body’ I always let the children make their own suggestions and the song can go on indefinitely!

Have a lovely day!

Miss Brewerton & Mrs Poole


Thursday 2nd April


I have made a little suggested timetable to help give some structure for those of you who would like it (it is in the Home Learning 2020 section).Feel free to plan your day as best suits you. However, I will structure my daily check in along those lines from now on.

Physical Development; Fastest fingers activities. Today try transporting pompoms, cotton balls or pulses with different tools, such as tweezers, chopsticks different sized spoons. You could spoon them into yoghurt pots and make shakers, which would help with today’s Phonics fun.

Communication and Language Development; Sing Hello; make a simple zigzag book by folding paper back and forth. Now encourage your child to draw some of the ways they said Hello. They can make marks to go with their pictures, get them to tell you what they want to say, maybe help them sound out a word; segment into chunks. H-E-L-O. Praise their mark making and perhaps make a note of what they said their marks meant, so you can refer back to it when you read their writing.

Mathematics: Count On & Back. Remember to count on and back in funny ways. Elephant numbers: swinging your arms like a trunk. Quiet numbers: whisper. Nod numbers: nod your head each number. Wriggle numbers: Wriggle your shoulders as you count. Here are some more fun ideas to help count.

Music: Out of the Ark Song, for Thursday is right up our street, it is The Planets! Enjoy!

Phonics: Talking about sounds. Making up simple sentences and talking in detail about sounds. Fill some opaque bottles, pots, toes of socks with noisy materials, rice, peas, pebbles, marbles shells, coins. Shake the containers and try to guess what is inside. Encourage the children to describe the sounds, experiment and see how many different sounds you can make. Ask questions; where might we find shells and pebbles? Act out some noisy rhymes like Humpty Dumpty

Story time; Have you downloaded the Story time App from Cbeebies yet? It is here and looks ace! I chose a BEDTIME story The Weather Girls read by Laura Haddock

Reflection; Building in a reflection daily is a great way of checking in on your child’s feelings. It lets them express themselves independently. This Bunny Ears Check In. Using your hands to be bunny ears above your head. Straight up means- Yay it has been fun. Horizontal means- not so sure today. Down in front of your eyes means – not great.

Do not forget to clap at 8pm tonight for the NHS. Here is a wonderful poem Michael Rosen write for the NHS. Glad to hear he is getting better!

Have a gorgeous day,

Miss Brewerton & Mrs Poole

Friday 27th March

Dear Nursery,

Morning! What are your plans today? Maybe make a plan, write what you want to do today and stick it somewhere so your grown up knows what you want to do and remember to cross them off when you do it. 

Physical Development : DRESS UP & Get Active with Joe Wicks and finish with some finger play songs; Incey Wincey Spider, Ring a Roses, Row Row Row Your Boat ( posted below)

Communication and Language Development & Literacy Development: Well it is nearly time to start planning the Great Egg Hunt, why not practice in the house or garden with your favourite toy. Alternatively, a snack reward. Here is a good site with printables to help or just use scraps of paper & plan clues together. Have a go at writing clues yourself & tell your grown up what to write ‘look behind the sofa’, ‘look in my bedroom’ and plan clues that lead to where you have hidden the ‘TREASURE’.

Mathematics: Positional Language song Play with small world toys, and use positional words to describe where things are; on, in, under, by, in front, behind, over, under, below.

Lunch Prep; Fruity Friday! Share some fruit & look at it, help peel it or prepare it, look for the seeds and compare different fruits. Fruit Song.

Topic/ Expressive Arts: Out of the Ark have one of Mrs Jones & my favourites today! Spring Chicken! Sing it loud & teach your grown –ups. This will go well in our topic work in a few weeks! However, it is such a cheer song and do not forget to look at the activities too. Send me a video of you strutting your funky chicken stuff (admin@didsburyroad.stockport.sch.uk)

Story time; a fruity story today!

Reflection: Take a piece of playdoh, or a squidgy teddy or a sponge and for a minute gently squeeze hard as you breathe in for a count of 4, hold for 1 and breathe out for a count of 6. Repeat for a minute, your grown up can do this with you. Enjoy.

I love this Jar idea from the UOM Science Department. I am going to do it.

Make a Literal Jar Of Hope. Every time you wish you could do something, go somewhere, treat yourself, see someone you love, visit a new place, invite people to see you etc. Write it down on a piece of paper and pop it is a jar, bowl or container. When this version of the world has moved on, this can be your action list. You can work through the list and have gratitude for the small and lovely things in your life. Until that time, you can watch the jar fill with hope for the future.

Have a great day! 

Miss Brewerton & Mrs Poole





Our Days Of The Week Song

It may not be Thursday so remember to shout the right day!

Finger Play Songs