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Wonderful Wednesday 7th October

Dear All,

Sorry we missed a week, me, technology and time never seemed to get it together.

Anyway here we are...

a new story is up all about Seeds, and Autumn is the perfect time to collect them. 


Maybe not go to this extent but find and identify a Burdock plant and have fun with the 'stickies' the inspiration for VELCRO!


Good news! Firstly thanks for sending in spare clothing for the half term! It really helps us. However we appreciate the struggle the children and you are having transporting drinks and snacks so please feel free to send your child with a small bag that they will leave on their peg, and take home at the end of the day. Remember they are responsible for getting their own snack and water bottle into the trays in the mornings! They are so amazing at independently managing their coat and snacks and lunches.  Well Done!

They have settled in so well, you should be really proud of them and what they are enjoying most is playing alongside each other. 

This next week we are looking at seeds inside things, maybe you can joi  in at home or while you are preparing tea, how many seeds can you find?

Here are some more fruit/ seed related explorations you could try.

Edible paint . Make ‘paint’ out of vegetables/fruit for mark making. Cook longer than you would normally, until very soft. Blend until completely smooth. Strawberries can be prepared as usual and then blended with a little water. Put blobs of ‘paint’ on a tray or wipe clean surface  to explore - carrot for orange “paint”; strawberries for red; broccoli for green etc. Printing. Traditionally shapes are cut from potatoes for printing but why not try letting children experiment with the natural texture and shapes of different fruit and vegetables?

 Use cauliflower or broccoli florets, either whole or cut in half.

Rolling corn on the cob makes a great pattern.

Cut things lengthways and width ways to give different shapes.

Mushrooms, tomatoes and peppers make great shapes when cut in half.

Use plenty of thick paint to avoid watery pictures and splashes. (Adding glue will help with this.)

Have Fun!

Miss Brewerton