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Week Beginning 11th May

Friday 15th May

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have all had a chance to watch the video made by all the staff at Didsbury Road Primary School to help keep you smiling! We had such fun putting it all together and we hope it makes you smile. Find it here https://didsbury.primarysite.media/ or by going to Pupils - Home Learning - Video Centre to watch “Keep smiling, Didsbury Road!” I mentioned yesterday about Music being a way to lift your spirits. Another great way to make you feel good is to dance! Anyone who knows me knows that I cannot dance…but it doesn’t stop me feeling good when I have a go! Our Year 5 Summer Geography theme is North America, so this weekend why not try the amazing Oti Mabuse’s “Kids In America” dance? You can find the tutorial here… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5FAajQgEt0&feature=youtu.be Let us know how you get on! I’ve also attached some Active Maths ideas below to get you doing some Maths on the move around your homes. Have a wonderful weekend, stay active and keep smiling!

The Year 5 Teachers 


Thursday 14th May


Good morning everyone! I hope you are all feeling good today.


I’m sure some of you will have lots of questions and worries about what is going on at the moment. Before school closed, I spoke with my class about things we can control in our lives and things we cannot. Sometimes, the things we cannot control, things that go on around us, can make us feel frustrated or sad. When you are feeling frustrated or sad, why not listen to some music to “transport” you somewhere else! (Not literally of course)


I love all kinds of music – my music taste makes my friends laugh! “How can you like classical music, indie rock and electronic dance all at the same time?” My Spotify is a real mess, but it’s whatever makes you happy! My dad introduced me to a band called Mumford and Sons, and even they play a range of music, from banjo slaying to electric guitar thrashing to songs that are cool and subdued! What music makes you happy? What singers or bands do you like; do you like a particular genre or do you flit from one to the other? Ask your family members what they listen to; they might introduce you to your Mumford and Sons!


Have a productive, happy Thursday!

The Year 5 Teachers


Wednesday 13th May 2020


Morning all,


As I type, the sun is streaming through my window, I hope it lasts… Yesterday I stayed in most of the day with my two children except for a little gardening, which was not very successful as my one year old ate compost (I must remember to feed him!) and the slugs had been feasting on the marigolds! I am trying to grow sunflowers although I definitely do not have green fingers. It will be a miracle if they flower.


My five year old daughter learnt to ride her bike without stabilisers last week- she is so excited and has been for a bike ride every day since. Do you remember when you first learnt to ride? I think children are so determined and brave; it can be difficult, as we get older to keep this up. Possibly, we become more cautious and worry about failing more? Perhaps we need to try to remember what it felt like to be a fearless five year old to keep us motivated!


I hope you have a good day and manage to keep motivated with your learning. Please keep in touch, we are here if you need us.


Tuesday 12th May


Good morning everyone! I hope everyone had a productive Monday. Remember – just do what you can!


I find Tuesdays the trickiest of all the days. You’ve tackled Monday and the jobs, work or challenges it brought, then Tuesday comes along and we have to do it all over again! It takes a good amount of resilience to keep going and keep working throughout the week. I know you are all showing superb resilience to be at home for such a long time. You should all feel proud of yourselves – you may not feel you are doing anything to be proud of, but you are, by doing what learning you can and by “sitting tight” and keeping safe.


Alongside your home learning, what other things have you been getting up to? Have you been learning any new skills or honing a talent? Over Easter I decided to keep myself busy and buy a Ukulele (much to the disappointment of my partner – “Could you not get something more…quiet…to fill your time with?”). In my extra free time, I pick it up and, using the internet, find a new song or some new chords and have a little practise! I do a little practise, but often. That’s supposed to be a good way of learning a new skill – little and often.


You may remember last year we took part in the Great Science Share, a national (now global) campaign to get children talking about science, generating scientific questions and sharing science with family members and the wider community. The GSS 2020 was launched last week and I encourage as many of you as possible to visit the website, register your interest and take part in as many activities as possible. Each week will be a new theme: last week was ‘Dawn Chorus’ and this week will be celebrating 200 years of the Royal Astronomical Society. Along with each theme will be an ‘inspirational idea’ for children to get involved with, a live lesson on Wednesday with Dr Chips, opportunities to ask real scientists questions and lots of resources linked to activities you can get involved in at home.


I will keep sharing information with you about this over the next few weeks as it all leads up to the final campaign day on 16th June….but for now, please register and start to get involved!



RM maths update.

Well done to the following children on their latest achievements:

Sam C             1st cert

Alfie H              1st cert

Alf G                 1st & 2nd cert

Amelia H          6th cert (wow!)

Ruby M             2nd cert

Matilda T          2nd cert

Freya C            2nd cert

Esha P              2nd cert

Tomek T           1st cert

Aaron                1st cert


Enjoy your Tuesday everyone! Be resilient – stick at it, whatever you are up to!


The Year 5 Teachers 


Monday 11th May


Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a restful weekend and you were able to enjoy the sunshine, at least on Friday and Saturday – what happened to the weather yesterday?! It was back to big coats and woolly hats!


You will notice there are two Home Learning documents in the Home Learning Summer 2020 folder on our class page. Please read both documents and the supporting documents to help you complete this week’s tasks. Do get in touch if you need any support or to share your wonderful work so far. It has been so uplifting seeing the work you are doing at home in all areas of learning. Harry’s playdough Homer Simpson made me smile, and seeing Ruby’s hard work on a project for the British Holocaust Centre and Museum about welcoming people to England made me feel very proud!


Speaking of feeling proud, it was VE Day on Friday! It was wonderful to see so many people sat at the end of their gardens or drives, celebrating with their neighbours (at a safe social distance of course) and remembering the sacrifice so many people made in World War Two to make the world a safer place. What did you get up to on VE Day?


Have a productive week, do what you can but don’t stress if you haven’t done as much as you had planned!


The Year 5 Teachers 

Week Beginning 4th May


VE Day Links






Thursday 7th May


Good morning everyone!

Hope we are all doing ok. This will be your last daily message this week before we go into the bank holiday weekend. Tomorrow is VE Day and I have attached a couple of links to remind you why this day is so important and should be remembered. This year is particularly special because it is 75 years wince World War 2 ended.


Thank you once again for all your lovely comments, photos and work you have sent in. Alfie - terrific powerpoint demonstrating the science activity this week and doing it as a fair and comparative test by controlling your variables! Well done! Keep them coming in if you are able to.


Have a lovely weekend and we will be back in touch on Monday.


Wednesday 6th May


Morning all!

I'm a little later posting this message today...I really struggled to get out of bed this morning! I went for a run last night (the whole world seems to have taken up running at the moment so I thought I should join in.) It was hard and I got very out of breath  My class know how much I enjoy cycling and I try to do that several times a week, whether it is outside on the road or on a static bike in the house, but running uses completely different muscles and it was a real challenge for me! I didn't get very far and there was a lot of walking in between....but I'm going to persevere and try and get myself running 5K (with ease!) Might take me a few weeks to get there!


I've added some lovely resources to the PSHE folder with links to some really simple ideas and activities for children to help boost wellbeing during this time, so have a look at those when you get a chance. Within that folder are also some really lovely multi cultural resources where children can learn about China, Japan and East Africa

Well done to those of you who have completed the science challenge this week to create the most effective parachute. Bubble wrap is looking like a clear winner!


Please see note below from Mrs Norbury about an exciting singing challenge that is currently taking place in Greater Manchester...check it out! I'll add the link into the music folder as well so you don't have to find it on the daily messages.

Calling all Lovers of Singing! Greater Manchester Music Hub Singing Challenge! Join in at home on Tuesday 19th May at 2:15pm. The song is called Dippy’s Explorers and celebrates Dippy the Dinosaur. Get learning here:


Mrs Norbury Music Leader 


Have a lovely day everyone.


Tuesday 5th May:

Morning all! Hope you all had a productive and calm start to the new week.


Some of you may have had some difficulties accessing the powerpoint documents and PDF's that were embedded within the word document. As far as we are aware it just affects those that are using apple mac systems to work on. So we have attached all of the links as separate folders within the home learning folder so everyone can see them. Any other problems please let us know.


I really enjoyed catching up on all the lovely photos and work that got sent in last week. Aaron - excellent detailed drawing and fully labelled dissected flower. Some brilliant character descriptions as well. Thank you if you sent in photos or videos yesterday, I shall look through those and post them.


I had a super day yesterday and ate far too much cake. I think there was enough to feed the whole of Year 5, but you weren't there so I had to manage all by myself! Receiving the video montage from my class was undoubtedly the highlight of my day  That was very very special! Thank you. In true family tradition we normally have some kind of sporting competition throughout the week (couple of weeks ago it was table tennis if you remember!) Well last night was the start of our basketball tournament (albeit on a small scale as we just have a hoop on the wall!) Not a great start for me....I think it was that pesky breeze again! Score 28-3....You would have thought my son would have let me win on my birthday! Rude!


Have a lovely day everyone.



Good morning once again! How are we all? Nice weekend?

It's my birthday today and I've done my absolute best to extend it out for the whole weekend, put my feet up and let my hubby and son take care of everything! Not been hugely successful but let's see how today goes!


Mmm...currently sat at the kitchen table with a cup of tea (that I have made), eating breakfast (that I have made) and tapping my fingers waiting to be showered with presents (they're both upstairs asleep!) At least the dog's with me! 

I'll update you tomorrow on how the rest of the day goes...


Well today begins another week of home learning and if you were following the messages last week you'll remember that all this weeks suggested activities are in one document which can be found in the 'Home Learning Summer 2020' folder below. There are two documents so please read them both. Don't be daunted if it looks a lot, we have just tried to consolidate everything into one place for the week and remember these are just to guide you. I have also added in the week's paper learning packs (below) for those of you that prefer to just print off some maths and English tasks for the week. The other folders will continue to have other lots of ideas and websites that you can use for home activities at any time so browse through those on a weekly basis.


Remember to take photos if you are able to and we will add those into our gallery. 


RM maths update

Well done to the following children on their latest achievements:

Kayleigh - 2nd certificate

Harry O - 2nd certificate

Oliver GM - 2nd certificate

Eliza 1st certificate

Lucy - 2nd certificate

Lauren - 1st certificate

Ollie B - 1st certificate

Congratulations guys!


There are still a number of you who have not accessed RM maths yet. If you are able to use a laptop or ipad for your learning then please do try to use this website frequently throughout the week. RM maths continues throughout Year 6 and so it is worthwhile to really get the momentum going now. Any problems with logging on please let us know.


Well have a lovely day everyone....weather has improved so make sure you get outside for lots of fresh air as well.

Speak to you all tomorrow morning!



W/C 20th April 2020



Good morning for the final time this week... I hope you've all kept well and enjoyed doing some fun learning activities at home. Did you take part in the 'Clap for Carers' last night? It's lovely to see it continuing week on week. We take part every week and it's a lovely way to also bring your street together. There are only 10 houses on my road but I know my neighbours better now from the last few weeks than in all the years I've lived here! Don't forget Friday is the White Rose Maths challenge day, so make sure you head over to the WRM website or BBC bitesize and have a go. If you have time to browse through out website have a look at our brand new Forest School page set up by Miss James. It highlights what a wonderful experience Forest School is and there are some lovely photos for you to have a browse through. There is also a request from Miss James for our Forest School kitchen so if you are able to help out with that, that would be brilliant! Shout out to Freya from the Year 5 gallery for a wonderful character description. 'Drop' sounds like an absolute pest! Wouldn't like to meet him! You included some very descriptive noun phrases and a super simile...so well done! Daily challenge: In the PE section I have included a word document with ABC exercises. There is an exercise assigned to each letter. Can you exercise out your favourite TV programme or favourite pop star and see if someone in your family can work out who or what it is? Have a great weekend! Year 5 Teachers


IMPORTANT NOTE: Apologies - I missed out some important information with regards to the reading comprehension link I have put into the English folder. There are no tasks assigned as yet. If this is something you would like to access (and we recommend it) can you please sign up and register your child asap. Once we have an indication of how many parents would like to use this as part of their child's home learning then we can set it up fully.  So for now....please just register your child. Thank you!



Morning superstars! Well I woke up early this morning and decided to take Ben, our labrador for a walk a little earlier than usual for him! I think the early mornings are my favourite part of the day, especially at this time of year. Spring is my favourite month and every venture outside can be a real exploration of different senses - sound, sight, smell! I just love it! What's your favourite time of year and why? Thank you if you have sent any photos in to your class teachers - we love seeing what you are getting up to during the day. Tomek...wow! I am really impressed with your drawing of a dinosaur with your eyes closed! Well done! Annabelle - some gorgeous zentangle work going on there! Love that! Matilda - fabulous drawing illustrating the parts of a daffodil and very clearly labelled - well done! Kyle - some super maths work going on! Keep it all going guys....you are doing great! We are all so proud of you!   Some of you may have noticed that Mrs Collins has added a 'home learning' page to the website which is where you will be able to blog and contact us directly about the work we put up or indeed anything else! You will also be able to send us photos here...all of which should make communication a little easier for you. Watch this space for further info about when that is up and running! There has also been another addition to the website from Mrs Gibson, which is a library section giving you 100 recommended reads! Brilliant! In the English folder I have added a new link for children to access reading comprehension work. Adults will need to help with this as children will need an email address in order to register.  Thursday's daily challenge: Spend half an hour doing simple tasks tasks that you would normally do.....but without using your thumbs! For example: eating your breakfast Brushing your teeth Play a game of noughts and crosses I hope you all have a lovely day !



Morning once again! How are we all today? All well and good I hope. We've been having a table tennis tournament in our garden over the last few days...we've managed to turn it into something resembling the World Cup, even though there are only 3 of us! It's been quite competitive at times, surprisingly! Anyway, it all came to an end yesterday with the final and guess who won......not me sadly  In fact I'm came last  Personally I think it was quite breezy and the breeze was definitely working against me. That's my story anyway! You may have noticed I've added a folder at the top of the page for your photos, so if there are any pictures of your work or things you have been getting up to at home that you would like to share with us, then send them to us at the admin address and we will add them into the folder. Has anyone had a go at the zentangle art yet? If so, I would love to see your efforts so pictures of those would be great! I have also added a website called oddizzi to the geography folder. We haven't set any specific tasks for geography but this is a great website for you to have a browse through and there is a quiz section you can take part in and see how you do compared to other children in your class. You will need to login to the website in order to take part in the quiz and your login details are on the geography page. Daily challenge: (Anybody do yesterday's? It was quite tricky wasn't it?) Using chopsticks (or 2 pens) how many smarties (or some other small item) can you transfer from one container to another in 1 minute? Who will be the winner in your family?



Morning!!! Another lovely day is ahead of us. My achievement for yesterday....I finished the last of my Easter eggs! Much to my son's annoyance who clearly thought he would be finishing them off for me! 


Did you get a chance to have a look at the BBC Bitesize website yesterday? I did and actually I thought it was very good and will be extremely useful for many people over the coming weeks. Don't worry too much about the topic links as they don't fit in with what we would have been doing at school this year, but for maths and grammar it is absolutely fine. I've put the website link below and also attached it to the maths page. The White Rose maths link is also on the maths page as they too do daily lessons which match closely with the work we would be doing in school. I don't want to swamp you with too much but want to give you the choice to access things online or provide you with worksheets that can be printed off. We don't expect you to access all the material that we put on, but rather choose what works best for you. With BBC Bitesize and White Rose the links take you to all year groups so you can access the work that is manageable for you.


On the English page I have also attached the Books for Topics links which is the website I personally use for book recommendations for children of all age groups.


Throughout the rest of the week I will provide you with more information on websites and login details for subjects including geography and reading comprehensions.


I know some of you got in touch yesterday with regards to login details for RM maths and TTRS and we will get back to you today. Other than that.....have a lovely day, work hard and play hard!

I'm going to set you a little fun daily challenge every day this week:

Tuesday's challenge:    Draw a dinosaur with your eyes closed (or blindfolded) and colour it in!




Good morning lovely Year 5's! How are we all doing? You are greatly missed!


I hope you and your family have all managed to stay safe and enjoy some of this lovely weather we have been fortunate enough to have over the Easter holidays. It has been gorgeous!  Most days I have even managed to get my teenage son out of his bedroom and taking the dog for some walks...which was no easy task let me tell you! Maybe you have also been out for some family walks or bike rides?  Whatever you have been up to, hopefully you have all managed to have a bit of a break.


As things continue to be a little uncertain and we are still unsure when school will reopen properly, we will continue to provide home learning tasks and support on a weekly basis. Hopefully, before Easter you managed to adopt some sort of routine at home with a mix of focused learning and downtime during the days. Don't worry if not, I know it was all a bit strange to start with, but now is the time to get into that routine. Each week your Year 5 teachers will post messages and tasks. It is important to try and do some English and maths learning every day and we will also set tasks related to other subjects including science, art and history (but not all at the same time!) We will signpost you to the weekly tasks in the messages so you will know where to look. Fortunately, because all children across the country are affected by this there are some amazing resources out there and so you can support all of your learning with lots of online activities - some of the websites we will ensure are posted on here.


BBC Bitesize have developed some resources and video blogs for children in all year groups (see separate link below). These are timetabled each day and you may find this a useful format to follow. They cover a wide range of subjects. These are only starting today and so we haven't seen them ourselves yet so will be watching with you!


Dr Chips continues to do his amazing 'daily doses' of science fun (website link in science folder.) You don't have to do these live with him, but you can watch him and then attempt the activity yourselves at another time or you can catch up on any previous 'daily doses'. 


For maths this week I have uploaded some spring themed maths calculations and for English there are some tasks associated with the book 'Queen of the Falls'.  I have also set tasks in science and art so please see details in the separate folders. 

Friday 3rd April 2020

Bonjour! Two weeks of working from home. How is it going? I hope the messages and activities we are posting are helping to support your learning and well-being. We are thinking about what will work after the Easter Holidays. Please let us know what you would like to see posted. Have you done any reading or writing over the last two weeks? If so I would love to read your work or a book review would be fantastic- we know how many of you love reading.

Thanks to Kyle and Poppy for keeping in touch. It is great to see you working and being active at home. If there any issues with passwords or website access please get in touch.

I have just watched Espresso Newsbites- again filled with positive stories. I know how important environmental issues are for many of you so you will be pleased to hear about the Ozone layer. Are you taking part in the bear hunt? You are never too old for a bear hunt! If you have younger siblings you could write clues for them to solve and create a teddy hunt around your house and garden.

I hope you have some family time planned over the Easter holidays. It will involve lots of cooking and eating in our house as well as dancing, playdough and board games.

Happy Easter Everyone, stay safe.

The year Five Team  

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Guten Morgen! Screen time… how much are you having over the week? We are trying to suggest work that is not all based online- you don’t need a screen to learn and develop your skills. The internet is an amazing resource but you need regular breaks from screen time and varied activities at home. How would you rate your cooking and DIY skills? Do you have a toolbox at home? With your parents’ supervision why not have a go at DIY?

Easter is a great time to improve your cooking skills- there are some Easter recipes on the Espresso home page. You could also have a look through some cookery books you may have at home. Does your family have a secret recipe passed down through the generations? Do you help with the household chores? Life skills can increase your independence and bring a sense of satisfaction as well as make your parents and carers very happy!

Page Updates:

I have uploaded some of the art activities we would having been doing this term in the art section based on the artist Henri Rousseau. It would be wonderful to see some of your finished pieces!

Enjoy your day!

Things to do at home