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Archived Year 6 updates

13th July

Check the blog for messages and information about home learning this week!

Monday 22nd June

Good Morning to all you home learners. I don't want you to feel forgotten now that we are back in school. Mrs Clapperton and I have put up some work on the Home learning section for this week. You are covering what we are covering in school - I thought you would like that best. You can call in for your copy of Kensuke's Kingdom and the work book that goes along with it. I hope you enjoy this story - I love it. Like all Morpurgo books it brings a tear to the eye- especially at the end. Have a great week. We miss you.


Mrs Clapperton and Mrs Gibson

Monday 15th June

Good morning Year 6! I hope you’ve had a great weekend- the weather did us a favour and hopefully you were able to get outside for a while. I sat in the garden for a long time reading my book today- it was either that or do housework, so the sunshine won.

 We’ve planned the normal amount of home learning this week, although many of you will be back in school on Wednesday. For those of you staying at home, keep going with this week’s tasks and let us know you get on. As of next week we’ll have lots of new topics and plans to talk to you all about, regardless of whether you’ll be in school or at home.

  We’re using BBC Bitesize for our English again this week- this time the extracts are from The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, by Joan Aiken. It’s not a new book (in fact, it’s even older than me, which must make it really old 😉) but it still always gets great reviews. I really hope you enjoy the extracts and add the book to your ‘to read’ list- if so, there are more stories in the series, and even a film.

  For Maths, we are using Rising Stars. I have provided some choices this week, as the official work we are setting is an introduction to algebra- finding rules and forming expressions. I was in two minds about this, because for my (Mrs Clapperton’s) maths set, it was due to be our next topic then we had to close school. I wouldn’t normally want to set work on something new to some of you, but we’ve revised lots of other areas of our maths in lockdown and this is one of the few topics we’ve got left to look at. It’s important to note that on the White Rose website, we are using the resources for last week- Week 7 (w/c 8th June) not this week. I think the videos themselves, plus the first one or two questions on the worksheets, will be fine for everyone to start with. However, if you’re a bit unsure after you’ve watched the videos, then I’ve given you some links to other games and activities to work on instead. Whatever you choose to focus on, it will all be useful ready for September.

  There are also new art activities, a new Oddizzi pack on Greece and the Olympic Games to look at, and a Reading Explorers text all about the Empire Windrush. Lots to keep you busy! Please also use the blog to keep in touch with us- we miss you!

Mrs Clapperton and Mrs Gibson


Friday 12th June

Hello Year 6,

    Mrs Gibson has taken over at school today, which I think is for the best, if this week’s fascinating facts are anything to go by…😉  Who knew that there were so many different Scottish words for snow?

 While I can’t help develop your knowledge of snow or fungi zombies, I can tell you that I’ve had rather a traumatic week. Our pet gecko has been getting much braver about being handled and now spends its evenings with his face up at the glass of his tank, until I get him out. The other night I had him out and he was having a lovely little lie-down on my hand, when suddenly he decided that he’d like to scamper up my arm and into my hair.

  Well, that was an experience neither of us will forget for a while.

I had hoped one of my children might leap into action and help me remove the unwelcome visitor from my scalp, but they were obviously too busy laughing at me for that- so I was on my own. After a minute or so of very calm gecko obedience training (wild leaping about and squealing from me) I managed to untangle him from my hair and place him back in his vivarium for the night. He emerged unscathed from the adventure, but was definitely on the gecko naughty step for the rest of the evening. 🦎

 Anyway, I hope you are all having a better week and that you’ve managed to get some of this week’s work done. If you have some spare time over the next few days, then I have a great story for you to read online, unless you’ve already been reading it! It’s a story by JK Rowling, called the Ickabog. Have you heard of it? It’s got nothing to do with Harry Potter, it’s a story she wrote for her children years ago, but during lockdown she’s decided to publish a few chapters every day online. She’s also announced a competition giving children the chance to design their own illustrations for The Ickabog. Some of these will be selected for the printed version of the book, coming later this year! How exciting! Sadly, I’m too old to enter the competition, but you’re not. Have a read of the first few chapters and see what you think. Here's the website.


Have a great day and a fab weekend everyone. We are missing you so much…

Mrs Clapperton and Mrs Gibson


Thursday 11th June

Happy Thursday Year 6. The weather continues to be quite rubbish and I am typing this in my warm living room in peace and quiet since my children are not even up yet and my husband has gone into work for the first time in months. I don't think he'll be there long but he has no choice about going as he broke his work laptop yesterday and is very grumpy about the whole thing and has gone off in search of someone to fix it or a replacement. How did we all work before technology? Still I'm not moaning - the house is so peaceful. I thought I would treat you to some fascinating facts today. My youngest son drives the rest of us crazy with these facts and insists on sharing them with us whether we are interested or not so I thought I would not suffer alone. Here goes :


Fact: Some fungi create zombies, then control their minds

The tropical fungus Ophiocordyceps infects ants’ central nervous systems. By the time the fungi been in the insect bodies for nine days, they have complete control over the host’s movements. They force the ants to climb trees,  and then fall into the cool, moist soil below, where fungi thrive. Once there, the fungus waits until exactly solar noon to force the ant to bite a leaf and kill it. 


Fact: Scotland has 421 words for “snow”

Yes—421! That's too many fun facts about snow. Some examplessneesl (to start raining or snowing); feefle (to swirl); flinkdrinkin (a light snow).  ( Hmmmmm I'm very sceptical about this one!)


Fact: Peanuts aren’t technically nuts

They’re legumes. According to Merriam-Webster, a nut is only a nut if it’s “a hard-shelled dry fruit or seed with a separable rind or shell and interior kernel.” That means walnutsI, almonds, cashews, and pistachios aren’t nuts either. They’re seeds.


Fact: Armadillo shells are bulletproof

In fact, one Texas man was hospitalized when a bullet he shot at an armadillo ricocheted off the animal and hit him in the jaw.


Fact: Cats have fewer toes on their back paws

Like most four-legged mammals, they have five toes on the front, but their back paws only have four toes. Scientists think the four-toe back paws might help them run faster. ( can't say I've ever counted them but wait until Clooney comes in for his breakfast and I will be confirming this)


I think my favourite one is the Armadillo - revenge is sweet! I hope all is well with everyone and we are looking forward to seeing you before too long. Keep working hard and show us what you're up to on the blog.


More from us tomorrow


Mrs Gibson and Mrs Clapperton


Wednesday 10th June

Good morning year 6. I hope Wednesday finds you well. It's certainly pretty dreary weather wise. I have no exciting news for you since yesterday so I had a little look at things that happened in history on this same day - to see if it was always such a dreary day. Here's what I found :



1864 Cricket authorities in England legalised over-arm bowling. ( Hmm - not dreary if you like cricket)



1921  Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and husband of Queen Elizabeth was born; as Philippos Schleswig- Holstein Soenderburg-Glücksburg on the Greek island of Corfu. ( Just seen him pottering about on the news at the grand age of 99)


1940 World War II: Italy officially declared war on Britain and France.


1977  An elusive goldfish eating perch with a prodigious appetite was finally netted after two years on the rampage in a Kent pond. The fish, nicknamed Jaws, was caught by two Southern Water Board engineers equipped with a rowing boat, a fishing net and a 240v stun rod. Jaws was accused of eating 3,000 goldfish in a breeding lake near Canterbury.  ( Ha - I quite like this on, although the stun rod seems a bit of a cheat. Do you really use those to catch fish? I mean it's not a shark!)



1990  A British Airways pilot survived after being partly sucked out of the cockpit at 23,000 feet above London. ( Blimey - not a dreary day for Him!)


2013  A Dornier 17 German World War II bomber was raised from the bottom of the English Channel. The aircraft was shot down off the Kent coast during the Battle of Britain and is believed to be the only intact example of its kind in the world.


Well I hope your Wednesday is not a dreary one ( although perhaps not quite as exciting as it was for the pilot in 1990) . I hope you're enjoying A Pocketful of Stars. The BBC lessons have definitely made me add it to my TBR pile. Whatever you are up to today - have fun and keep in touch with us via the blog. We miss you all.


Mrs Gibson and Mrs Clapperton

Good morning year 6. Happy Tuesday to you all. I hadn’t expected to be doing any more daily updates but it seems our plans for return are to be delayed. As a result I have uploaded some homelearning for the remainder of the week for your enjoyment. The English is based on a gorgeous book called A Pocketful of Stars and can be found in the year 6 section of BBC Bitesize. I hope this inspires you to try the book itself. My latest favourites are The Boy in the tower by Polly Ho Yen, The Strangeworlds Travel Agency by LD Lapinski and Island – A story of the Galapagos by Jason Chin. Jason Chin is my latest picture book discovery and I think his book is beautifully illustrated as well as scientifically interesting. I hope you are still finding access to reading books – let us know via the blog. I know we didn’t set work for over the holidays but just wanted to say thank you to Charlotte for sending me her lovely poem about her time at DRPS – I really enjoyed it. I think others would too if you put it on the blog – but don’t feel you have to.

I am growing a number of things I have not tried before and was very excited to have my first courgette appear on my courgette plant – I know – it’s a slow news day when courgettes are exciting, but I have never grown them before. Come to think of it - nobody except me is going to want to eat them when they are finished growing. My oldest son, in particular, is a real vegetable dodger, which seems a shame because I have also grown tomatoes, peppers, green beans, cucumbers and strawberries. I will have to become creative about hiding vegetables in other foods and sauces so he doesn’t notice. I hope, like me, you have enjoyed some time off over half term and that you are ready to get stuck into some new work. Have a look in the home learning folder for ideas for Science, Maths, English and Art this week.

I hope you have a great week and we hope to see you sooner rather than later.

Mrs Gibson and Mrs Clapperton

Friday 22nd May

Good morning! Well, you made it through another week… in fact, you made it through another half term! Today is the last day of home learning for the week, then you get a fortnight off. If you’ve not done a lot of work this week, see if you can give yourself one last 'push’ today- after that you can relax. If you have been working hard, keep it up for one more day, then take a well-deserved break! 

  Although there will be no official home learning for the next two weeks, I am going to try and spend the rest of the day today putting together a list of great activities you could come back to do over the holidays. There will be nothing you have to do, but you might choose to come and have a look at some activities on those days when you’re feeling a bit bored or in need of something different to do. I’ll try to post it in the Summer Home Learning section by the end of the day, but remember, it’s just for fun.

  I watched a brilliant Science lesson online yesterday. You might have seen it already- it’s this week’s Wonder Wednesdays lesson from Dr Chips. I found it by looking on this week’s theme from The Great Science Share. Both of the websites are fantastic, really worth exploring! There are some great ideas of things to try at home (I do often skip Dr Chips on a bit until he gets onto the actual lesson… you think WE go on! laugh)

  The lesson I watched was all about biomimicry- how engineers use strategies found in nature to solve design problems. I love that word- biomimicry! I’ve just looked up its origin. Apparently, the word is derived from the Greek word ‘bios’, meaning life (like biology, etc) and ‘mimesis’, which means mime/imitate. So literally translated it is ‘imitate life’, which I suppose is what the engineers are trying to do! One of the tasks in the lesson links with art- I think lots of you would find it really interesting! The biomimicry part starts around 15 mins into the video.

Well done to Bea for all that adaptation work you posted on the blog yesterday- fantastic effort! I am hoping that lots of you get to do your settings writing from today’s English lesson; I’d love to read anything you manage to produce.

Whether it’s about work, or whether it’s just a quick hello, it would be great to hear from you today!


Take care,

Mrs Clapperton and Mrs Gibson


Thursday 21st May

Good morning! What a scorcher it was yesterday! I hope you slapped on a bit of suncream if you were outside for long, or escaped by curling up in the shade with a book.

      I can see that even yesterday, with all that lovely weather, some people were busy on Oddizzi- the leaderboard changes every time I look at it! I wonder how your Oak Academy lessons are going this week… I’ve really enjoyed the English extracts from Storm Keeper’s Island so far- I’m looking forward to Friday’s lesson when you get to describe your own setting, using the skills you’ve been working on! If you get time, you could write a quick message on the blog about how your home learning is going, or even just to let us know how you’re doing this week.


  After jetting off to various world landmarks on Tuesday via Google Arts & Culture, I then found a website called Over View. It features amazing bird’s eye views of cities and interesting sights around the world. The picture below (from Valparaíso, Chile) is one of my favourites, but the whole website is definitely worth a look- I love seeing the layout of roads, or how colourful some cities are from above.


I have another PE Zoom meeting today. Must remember to tidy my lounge in preparation! The last meeting was actually really good and gave me lots of ideas for the future. I’d better not tell the other PE teachers that I’ve been sitting around looking at cities and landmarks online all week- I need to be a bit more active today! If you’re feeling the same way, don’t forget that there are some great videos of PE challenges you could do at home on the Passport to PE website, or you can revise your maths work on angles with this Angles and Lines video from GoNoodle!


Well done to Joy, for sending a fab photo of some art she’s been doing- so colourful and creative! It was good to hear from some people about their latest reads, too. Keep up with your reading- it’s one of the easiest, most enjoyable things you can do to improve your own writing! And it’s a great way to escape!


Have a great day,

Mrs Clapperton and Mrs Gibson



Wednesday 20th May

Good morning! I hope you had a good day yesterday. Did you go anywhere nice? I managed to get to Brazil just after breakfast, to see the Christ the Redeemer statue; then I visited some ancient Mayan structures in Guatamala; nipped over to the Eiffel Tower after lunch and just had time for a tour of Sydney Opera House when I finished my schoolwork. What do you mean, there’s a lockdown?!

     Well, it’s ok, because I visited via the Google Arts and Culture website. It’s become a bit of an obsession over the past few days. I really miss being able to go places…anywhere really, and whilst I wasn’t planning to whizz over to Brazil anytime soon, it’s nice to play about with Streetview versions of all of these different places. If you fancy exploring later, here is the link.


Another obsession is listening to podcasts and online stories while I work. I’ve discovered that Neil Gaiman has recorded all of The Graveyard Book as an audiobook for you to listen to online. He’s done the same with Coraline, along with some special guest readers.  Quite a few of you already love his books, so if you fancy giving either of them a try you can find them here. They’re great!


Books for Topics have also been working hard to put together extracts from other great books (Murder Most Unladylike, Artemis Fowl, Orphans of the Tide, Charlie Changes into a Chicken, Kid Normal and lots more) which have been read aloud by their authors/illustrators for online storytimes. You can either click on the links or scan the QR Codes to listen. There are some really good ones, but you might have to be a bit selective, as I’ve discovered that being a great author doesn’t necessarily mean you’re exciting to listen to…


Well done to Matilda for sending in her science work for me to see- quick off the mark this week! And well done to those of you who have done any of the Oddizzi quizzes this week- there’s still plenty of time to join in if you haven’t already.

Right, I’d better go. I’ve got work to do before I visit The Grand Canyon later…


Have a good day,

Mrs Clapperton and Mrs Gibson


Tuesday 19th May

Good morning! I hope you had a good day yesterday. Judging by the emails and messages I’ve received, it seems that lots of you have made a start on this week’s work. Well done! I rewarded myself for a good day’s work by making a chocolate cake last night. It turned out really well- much better than my previous baking exploits (let us never speak of the jelly that didn’t set…crying)


Anyway, I’ve got a few things to tell you about today, so I’m just going to jump straight in.

  • I’ve been sent details of a fab competition you may want to enter (with a parent’s permission, of course).  The competition is called ‘Nature In Your Neighbourhood’. Its organisers, ‘Into Film’, want young people to create a short film using their surroundings in an engaging and creative way. Children can get creative and use their natural surroundings to make a short film, 3 mins or under in length using a mobile phone, tablet or camera. Your parents can find out a bit more about Into Film here and read more about the competition here. It looks like it might be great fun to enter though, and there are prizes to be won!
  • It’s Mental Health Awareness week this week. This year’s theme is kindness. Here is a link to the ‘Kindness Matters’ guide. It features ideas for acts of kindness you could perform to make someone’s day a bit brighter, e.g call a friend who you haven’t spoken to for a while, post a letter to someone you are out of touch with or help with household chores. The ‘Action for Happiness’ website also has a ’Meaningful May’ calendar you can download.
  • Who likes free books?! yes Mrs Wilkins told us that her daughter had received a FREE copy of Gargantis, the sequel to Malamander (by Thomas Taylor), by agreeing to review the book for The Reading Agency. The idea of receiving free books in exchange for a review sounds like it would really appeal to some of you, too! I’ve also seen this idea of receiving new books in exchange for reviews on the LoveReading4Kids website, too. You’d have to have a parent’s permission to sign up to be part of their reading panel first- here's the link.


Finally, well done to Sarah, who emailed characteristics of her ‘Whippcoll’ cross-breed dog to us. It’s a cross between a Whippet and a Collie so it is a good hunting dog, fast and easy to train. Great ideas! If you haven’t been on the class blog yet, there are some great examples of artwork created by your friends, plus some terrific science waiting for you to see!


Enjoy your day,

Mrs Clapperton and Mrs Gibson

Monday 18th May

Good morning, Year 6- I hope you are well and happy! I feel it‘s only fair to warn you now… you are going to be really disappointed with my squirrel and slug anecdotes this week. I am an expert on many fascinating topics in life (such as which biscuits are best to dunk in your tea, for example) but unfortunately, garden wildlife is not my area of expertise.


Well, this is the last week of home-learning before the Whit holidays. I cannot believe how quickly the last few weeks have gone. I haven’t done any of the things I promised myself I would do during lockdown! My garden still needs a lot of love and my house hasn’t miraculously cleaned itself. How frustrating. I HAVE read a lot of books and eaten quite a lot of cake though.


Anyway, your work for the week is in the Summer Home Learning section again. We’ve tried to separate the subjects into different Word documents again. The resources are already inserted into each one, but I’ve attached them separately too, for anyone who struggles to open them that way. We are using Oak Academy for English and Maths, but not for Science this week. ICT is a fun superhero Scratch activity, whilst SMSC continues to explore parliament. The competition is heating up on the Oddizzi quizzes- I’m really impressed with every single person who has tried them out so far!


We had lots of great work sent to us on Friday- no winding down at the end of the week for you lot! Some people sent it straight to the blog, so well done to all of you. A big well done to Charlotte, too, who wrote an excellent pirate story last week. So much detail and description- we loved reading it and can tell you put lots of effort in, Charlotte! Joy sent in some fab maps in response to the reading task- so imaginative! Great art and creative writing from Annaleece, too- I loved the simile you included, as well as your description and careful use of punctuation. Keep it up! Max- did I forget to mention your lovely writing and Shiba Retriever dog breed work last week? If so- sorry, it was great! I think all this talk of cross breeds in dogs brought out Lucia’s love of animals, and she did an extra bit of research into breeds of cat, too. If I’ve missed anyone out from Friday’s work, let me know!


Have a lovely day, everyone…

Mrs Clapperton and Mrs Gibson


Friday 15th May


Good morning year 6 - another Friday rolls around! Time seems to be flying by at the moment. I don't know about you but I lose track of the days when I am working at home. School helps me mark the time much better - it's the routine I suppose. I will be handing over the update to Mrs Clapperton next week as I am back in school so I will update you on squirrel wars before I go. My cat is uninterested in defending the bird feeder despite frequently stalking squirrels under normal circumstances - he does not like to be told what to do, so I have bought myself a very snazzy bird feeder with a large domed top which in theory can keep the squirrel's tiny paws out - we shall see ( Mr squirrel seems very resourceful to me- I am not sure an expensive bird feeder is going to deter him). 


I hope you have managed to log into the class blog - I have seen some people's uploaded work so well done you! If you haven't been on , do have a look - if only to see the Didsbury road movie that Mr Newton and Mrs Norbury have compiled from staff clips. I watched yesterday and it was so nice to see everyone's face. Even though I am in school some weeks, It's always with the same group of staff and there are so many people who I normally see on a daily basis, that I just haven't seen for ages. It was really fun and really uplifting to see them all - have a look ( it's in the video centre bit of the blog).


Reading wise, I am currently enjoying " The boy in the tower" by Polly Ho Yen, having left Ross Welford to one side for a while. I hope you are not running out of things to read - maybe have a look at "borrowbox" which was mentioned on yesterday's update - I have to admit, I didn't know it existed until my email about the Book Awards. If you missed yesterday's update they are all archived so you can check back for details of how to access borrowbox.


Onto work from you: there was a late flurry yesterday afternoon so I hope I don't miss anyone out.I had some lovely science work from Anna about the " maltpug" - I am a total sucker for pugs so I loved this crossbreed. They have the whole ugly-cute thing going on with their huge eyes and tongue hanging out. Anna also sent in a great character study of the man(?) in Road's End as did James and also Sam who has had a very busy week this week. He also has been quizzing on Oddizzi and reading reading Guggenheim Mysteries ( good to hear!) and I have seen writing from you on my favourite picture in Harris Burdick - the levitating nun ( oh and Road's end too!).  I know you had a mention earlier for science as well, Sam ( how's operation new dog coming along?). Lucia sent me a screen shot of her lovely tree as part of Mrs Johnson's May art challenge - I wonder if anyone else has had a go at the artwork on there - are you feeling creative?  Thanks also to Bea for slogging away this week and sending in her Maths work and finally to Dan for his great story based on the Harris Burdick picture "Pumpkin".


Just to finish with I thought I would give Dan Heasley a mention again but for something completely different. Dan and his Mum are fundraising at the moment and I have included a link to an article all about it. Well done Dan! It's a tough time for everyone and it shows great compassion to be thinking of ways to help others .



Have a lovely weekend year 6 and try to survive next week without my ramblings about garden pests. As always we miss you and love to hear from you so keep your messages coming.


Mrs Gibson and Mrs Clapperton


Thursday 14th May


Good morning to you year 6. The sun has made a very welcome return and it's streaming through my windows as I type. Do you remember us trying to show you the colours in the spectrum using prisms way back in October? Well the little prisms in my windows are doing it perfectly this morning and throwing rainbow patterns on my walls with no effort from me at all. I hope your week is going well - I have had lots of work from you this week ( more on that shortly) so I presume we are all busy. I had news about the book awards from Anna Griffiths who organises them yesterday. She thinks the ceremony will happen in October instead and gave me some information on how to access the books which I will share with you. I think you need your library ID details for borrowbox but there are ways to find that out - see below.



No ballet shoes in Syria

Ebook Available via borrowbox

Worksheet available: https://nosycrow.com/activity-sheets/no-ballet-shoes-in-syria-discussion-notes/

What's that in dog years?

Available in ebook (amazon only) for less than £1 or via audible for free if you trial for 1 month.

Find author: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kaBsXNzSqSU


Ebook and eaudiobook available on borrowbox

Author intro on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-ENXGcjwl4


Ebook available via borrowbox

Teachers notes available: https://www.walker.co.uk/UserFiles/file/Malamander_Teacher's%20Notes.pdf

Author challenge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jnqrDV_YN4

Reading form the author https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyDqIRyQTD0


If you are not a member of the library or can’t remember your number email us at libraries@stockport.gov.uk


Even though we are closed you can still join the library with a temporary number so you can access our online services:

To Join the Library

Go to: https://www.stockport.gov.uk/join-your-local-library/how-to-join-a-library

From here complete the online form and you will be provided with a temporary borrower number and 4 digit PIN.  Please make it something memorable as you will need this to sign into access our online services.

If you need help or information on how to download the Borrowbox app and start borrowing ebooks and eaudiobooks visit https://www.stockport.gov.uk/ebooks-and-audiobooks 


Things you can do at Home:

  • Write a review and send it to us childrensbookaward@stockport.gov.uk and we can post it on our social media pages.
  • Draw/paint or collage a picture to represent the story, a character or the front cover. Send a photo of your picture to us and you could win some books for yourself and your school.


Squirrel wars continues but I am now armed with advice ( thanks to Isabelle's mum!)  about how to stop the little blighter so when I have bought my squirrel proofing gadget I will let you know how I get on. I will move onto your work in a minute but just to say you should have had passwords for the blog now and I think ( although I haven't used it before) you should be able to upload work onto there instead of emailing - if you prefer. You can also ask me things or tell me what you're up to which will be good. 


Anyhow, work came in from lots of people yesterday so here goes. I knew you would enjoy the dog breeding activity. There were lovely cross breeds from Charlotte, Isabelle, Joe and Josh H ( Josh I know you have also been busy with the Maths work and geography too so well done and keep it up!). I had some great writing based on Harris Burdick from Kayden - very sinister! Thanks also to Joy for lovely work based on the literacy shed clip about the mysterious hitchhiker - well done. Thanks Bea for your very thorough work about parliament - the first example I have seen so far. Keep working hard guys we are so happy to see all your effort. 


Have a great day - nearly Friday! 

Mrs Gibson and Mrs Clapperton


Wednesday 13th May

Happy Wednesday year 6. I was very unimpressed with yesterday’s dreary weather- I don’t know about you, but I have got used to the sunshine. I was also trying to film some things in my garden and it definitely does not look its best in the rain. I am trying to send garden and grandchildren updates to my Mum and Dad as we would normally have been over to see them at Easter and I know they are missing my children and me and my Mum shares my love of gardening so we like to see how each other’s garden is getting on. I have to say – it was very hard to get my camera crew out of bed to assist with the filming. They miss their grandparents but bed appears to be very important to teenagers and apparently filming does not need to be done in the morning. I hope you are managing to keep in touch with relatives you can’t visit- we are lucky to have access to technology – although my parents are getting on in years and working the technology can prove challenging. My dad works on the premise “if it doesn’t work immediately, continually press random buttons until you hit the right one” and my mum is purely there to provide constructive criticism.

I have a new enemy in the garden as of yesterday. It’s not just the slugs now – who, lets face it, have the manners to stay under ground most of the time! I have a squirrel who has decided it is his mission in life to destroy my bird feeder. Saw him yanking the bottom off the peanut holder and there are peanuts everywhere. Now – trying to provoke me, I think – I keep see him going to collect the peanuts and bury them around the garden. I don’t want a load of sprouting peanut plants all over the garden. At this rate I will have to set Clooney on him (I just don’t want to come downstairs to a dead squirrel in the kitchen).

I hope you managed to sign up for the GSS from Mrs Potts’ link yesterday. If you didn’t then the updates are all kept one the class page on the website so you can go back and look at previous ones.

Workwise yesterday I had some great writing from Charlie (unscathed is an excellent word) and also from Archie who included some fantastic description in his character study. Thanks also to Joe and Lucia for their thoughts about the character in the film and who he might be. I am pleased to hear you are enjoying the Ross Welford books, Joe, I can’t decide which of the two I prefer. They both offer something different – let me know what you think. Great work from Josh H and Sam on crossbreed dogs. Sam, you have obviously put considerable thought into exactly what you would like in your dog in terms of temperament and looks (come on parents – have a heart!). Aiden – your bassettmastiff looks like a gorgeous dog – but then I love those big, slobbery kind of dogs! Well done guys for keeping up the good work and letting me know how you’re doing.

Mrs Gibson and Mrs Clapperton


Tuesday 12th May

Good morning year 6! I hope you had fun getting to grips with yesterday’s home learning. I was working hard on updating our tasks for group reading and investigating new books that might be a good choice for guided reading. It is tricky- sometimes a story can be great but just does not have enough in it to study it with you. I have been reading voraciously (check out the fancy word!) and at the moment my favourites are by a Geordie author called Ross Welford. I have read The 1000 year old Boy and Time travelling with a Hamster. Both are fantastic- if you haven’t read them I highly recommend them. Keep reading!

You may remember last year we took part in the Great Science Share, a national (now global) campaign to get children talking about science, generating scientific questions and sharing science with family members and the wider community. The GSS 2020 was launched last week and I encourage as many of you as possible to visit the website, register your interest and take part in as many activities as possible. Each week will be a new theme: last week was ‘Dawn Chorus’ and this week will be celebrating 200 years of the Royal Astronomical Society. Along with each theme will be an ‘inspirational idea’ for children to get involved with, a live lesson on Wednesday with Dr Chips, opportunities to ask real scientists questions and lots of resources linked to activities you can get involved in at home.

 I will keep sharing information with you about this over the next few weeks as it all leads up to the final campaign day on 16th June….but for now, please register and start to get involved!



Thanks go to Laura and Jake for being very quick off the mark with their character descriptions – very insightful comments about the strange character looking for a lift. I always like a chance to use the word – enigmatic and it fits this character so well (excellent choice Jake). Laura – I am glad you enjoyed the daft SATs answers – I had to have a big argument with the website to make it upload them – I am not ready for that first thing in the morning. Also well done to Josh H for getting going on the Maths work on subtraction - first one to report back on that.


Have you seen the new Banksy picture that has appeared?


I thought you might be interested since our topic on street art was never completed. I really liked the note left by Banksy.

 "Thanks for all you're doing. I hope this brightens the place up a bit, even if it’s only black and white."

I hope your day is brightened from seeing this. We are very fortunate to have our NHS.

Mrs Gibson and Mrs Clapperton



Monday 11th May

Good morning to you all year 6 on this slightly less lovely morning. The weather is not so great since yesterday but no rain means I will still have to water the garden to keep the old nematodes at their best – just hope it’s not too cold for them! You know how awkward they can be.


It would have been SAT week this week so I thought I would share a few SAT paper answers that I thought might make you smile. My favourite is the find x one. I think the 1895 one is from a different paper – not SATs but I couldn’t resist it.

Find x



I have uploaded the home learning documents for this week to the summer 2020 file. I had to do three separate files as they were too big to upload as one. So there is English and Maths, Science and then one with everything else. I hope you enjoy the English this week. I love the film clip and the map task I have set related to Treasure Island. I was really impressed by the writing sent to me last week. Charlie’s rather bleakly sinister efforts  were fantastic as was Isabelle’s detailed descripitive story about Mr Linden’s library. This one proved a popular choice and I had a great descriptive piece from Josh Clapperton on the same picture. Thanks to Joy for her lovely writing on the third floor bedroom picture – amazing ideas – well done. Joe and Laura chose the same picture for their writing and managed to capture the creepy atmosphere very well. Thanks also to Hermes for sending in his description of the Captain’s picture. I’m pleased you were inspired by this book and look forward to your efforts on the film clip. Thanks also to Isabelle for her morse code message – I’m really missing you all too. It was lovely to hear from Hannah this week and see her work on critically endangered animals – it’s a sad topic but I am very interested in it. I was watching a programme about ” Dogs who do extraordinary jobs” and some of them out in Africa are trained to protect animals like the white rhino which are on the verge of extinction – it was a great programme if you come across it.

Have fun with this week’s learning and do what you can. We love to hear from you and see examples of your work, so keep them coming. More updates tomorrow. We realised last week some people had problems accessing the powerpoints and links so do get in touch if this is you. I can email things to you.

Mrs Gibson and Mrs Clapperton.


Thursday 7th May 2020 

 Good morning Year 6! Welcome to your last update of the week- tomorrow is a Bank Holiday and then it’s the weekend! The May Day Bank Holiday is traditionally held on the first Monday of May, but this year it has been moved back four days to Friday. Do you know why? Maybe you can do a little research about it today- it’s connected with some of our History work earlier in the year. The links here and here should help you find out more about tomorrow’s special event. Let us know what you find out, and whether you plan to mark the occasion in any way.

  Well, I know what you are really desperate to hear about…

Firstly, Slug news. Mrs Gibson has reported no obvious slug casualties as yet, but also no nibbled plants, so she is hoping that the nem…nema… slug stuff is working away very quietly, behind the scenes.

Secondly- the Zoom meeting went well! Slight panic at the beginning when I kept typing in the wrong password, but I sorted it out (ok, my daughter sorted it out) and I was only a couple of minutes late. At least I didn’t do anything embarrassing. It even looked like I had a tidy house (I chose this spot very carefully, in the only clear part of the room!)

    Thanks to all of the people who sent work in yesterday. Firstly, to Max, who sent in his great Harris Burdick story, The House on Maple Street. Your morse code message kept me busy, too, Max- I’m glad you feel so positively towards Baby Yoda. smiley

 Harrison also chose The House on Maple Street for his writing this week. Well done Harrison- I wish my house could do the same! Thanks to Phoebe, who sent in some lovely artwork, and used lots of descriptive language in her writing about Mr Linden’s library. Joy has done some great work in response to Spy Files- even creating her own Spy Gadget! I could do with one of those, Joy...


Maybe you can try one of this week's Art Challenges today, if you haven't already? It's supposed to be another gorgeous day, so hopefully you can get outside for a while. If you need a song to get your day started, try one of my favourites- you might remember it! 


No update tomorrow, so have a good day and enjoy your weekend! 


Wednesday 6th May 2020

Morning everyone! Unfortunately I have no slug news today (it’s Mrs Clapperton in charge of the update today and I have no garden knowledge whatsoever) but let me reassure you that Mrs Gibson is fit and well, working hard today. She has NOT fallen victim to the ‘cornucopia’ of slugs in her garden! Cornucopia is the collective noun for a group of slugs… I love this! But, I think my favourite collective nouns would have to be ‘a rhumba of rattlesnakes’ and ‘a wisdom of wombats’. Maybe you can find some examples of your own?

  I have to rush off soon and prepare for a Zoom PE meeting. Yes, you read that right. I’ve signed up for a 2 hour PE course on Zoom with lots of other teachers I don’t know. My experience with Zoom is limited so I’m quite fearful that I’ll be the person who accidentally mutes their microphone or turns off their camera! I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow…

  We had lots of work sent to us again yesterday. Well done to Josh H, who chose the ‘Under The Rug’ Harris Burdick picture and used it to create a great story called ‘Tiny Human’. Peggy’s story, which kept me on the edge of my seat, was based on the same picture- but I loved how different the two pieces of writing ended up being! Lucia chose a different picture (‘Another Place, Another Time’) for her fantasy story- well done, Lucia. Thanks to Joe also, who sent in his book review on Max Einstein, by James Patterson. Bea emailed a picture of the work on codes she’d completed in response to the Spy Files book we assigned this week- thank you! Joy has been enjoying Spy Files too, and has also been joining in with the Science lessons from Oak Academy. Charlie- Mrs Gibson has finally finished decoding your message and is glad to hear you’re not a slug fan either! You’ve all made a fantastic effort with your learning this week. Give yourselves a pat on the back!

 Have a great day…


Tuesday 5th May

Good morning year 6. No slug casualties to report as yet. The nematodes have yet to hit their stride. I look forward to the sight of their corpses strewn across my flowerbeds. It will make a pleasant change from the headless rodents that are a regular feature of my morning routine. You know how it is – empty the dishwasher, make a brew, dispose of the dead vole/mouse or if you are really unlucky – rat. My cat is a busy boy overnight. What a macabre start to today’s update! OOOOF – macabre is a great word for so early in the morning. I am not sure of its origins but it is the same word in French too. It means gruesome/deathly. Blimey – let’s lighten the tone. I hope your work on The Mysteries of Harris Burdick is going well and you enjoyed the weird pictures from the book – oh no we’ve gone all sinister again. I think you should receive a log in for the class/ year group blog this week. I have put up a post for you to respond to and I look forward to hearing about your reading. Mrs Wild has sent some fun activities to do indoors from the Change for life people so I will put a link so you can have a look.


I hope you are keeping entertained and having fun. I am not encouraging daytime telly but on BBC iplayer is a really great adaptation of a book I love. The book is called The Snow Spider and it is by Jenny Nimmo who wrote the Charlie Bone series. I loved the book and I feel like the TV series really does it justice. It is all set in Wales a place of myths and magic and I think you might enjoy it. There are around 6 episodes so you don’t have to watch it all at once. Do a search in iplayer for The Snow Spider. You can let me know what you think of it on the blog.

We have already had examples of work having only set it yesterday – boy you are quick off the mark. Harrison and Joe have kept Mrs Clapperton busy translating Morse code – well done boys and well done also to Joy who has been working on the geography challenge, learning about Fairtrade. Thank you also to Charlotte who sent me her lovely sunset painting yesterday – gorgeous.

I hope you’re managing to get out for a walk during your day – it really helps to lift my mood, I find. When I went out after dinner last night there were foxes out. We see a family of them regularly who potter around the railway line with the cubs. It sounds like a bad idea but we don’t get many trains through and they seem none the worse for it. However last night we crossed paths with one several times just out on the street – he was a big dog fox – much bigger than the skinny-looking ones I have seen previously, really beautiful. I know it’s not really their natural environment but it was lovely to see him.

I have rambled on yet again so I will let you get on with your day. We hope you have a good one.

Mrs Gibson and Mrs Clapperton


Monday 4th May

Good morning, Year 6-May the 4th be with you for all you star wars fans. Another week rolls around so quickly , I hope you had a good weekend. I spent most of it in my garden since I am waging war on the local slug population. I have bought something called nematodes to do battle with the million slugs that live in my garden - sound impressive don't they? When my son saw that they looked like a box of grit you could tell he thought someone was having a laugh at my expense - ( you paid what for a box of dirt???). Anyway I would not be put off and set about introducing these little micro -organisms ( not dirt!) to my garden. You would not believe how many requirements they have. One little box of dirt and it needs more special conditions than Mariah Carey. Don't apply them when it's too hot,but it mustn't be too cold either. The ground must be wet but it can't be raining. It needs to rain for the next fortnight after you've applied them or you have to water the ground.  There must be an a in the month ( I admit I invented this last one but you get the idea). They don't seem like the kind of tough soldiers I need to go to war against slugs. Certainly the slug sauntering across my patio last night didn't seem to have any idea of his impending doom. I shall keep you updated! We have another week of learning coming up and you will find it in the same folder - Homelearning Summer 2020. There is a piece of story writing for English this week - don't feel like it has to be done all in one go - remember how we work up to a piece of writing in school. Maybe collect some vocabulary you would like to use and have a think about the impressive punctuation and grammar constructions you know. We have switched to Oak academy for Maths as well as Science. Do what you can manage and don't worry. If you are bored and have done everything, there's always RM or BBC bitesize has homelearning or espresso. Reading planet has been a bit of a painful process so we have posted a link directly to the book I have chosen. It's all about Spies which I think is really fun and interesting. Find out all about codes. I hope you enjoy your learning this week. Last week we had history work from Bea, geography from Max and a Google logo from Josh. I got some amazing writing from Charlie on The Green Vision and Hatched from Pobble 365. We are always happy to hear from you and to see what you've been doing so well done to those children but I am sure everyone is keeping busy and working hard because you are such a great year group who love to learn. Keep at it guys and have fun.


Friday 1st May

Good morning, Year 6- we made it to Friday! You definitely deserve the weekend off if you've managed to do some of the work we set this week, which I know lots of you have. Brilliant job!

  I hope you had a fantastic day yesterday- my baby niece was born, so I definitely did! The only downside is not being able to give her a cuddle at the moment, but for now, I will make do with giving her a wave through her window when she's home. I also had TWO new books sent in the post from friends of mine- they know me well! So that's my weekend sorted...

  I know lots of you will be missing your Art lessons. We'll be able to post Mrs Johnson's brand new Art Challenges for May next week, but in the meantime I've re-posted April's Art Challenge in the Summer Home Learning section again. If you'd forgotten about it up until now and want to choose some of the April challenges that interest you, then you can. Or alternatively, this page from Booktrust has a list of illustrators who have been doing 'draw along' sessions.

  Thank you for bearing with us while Reading Planet is sorted. The whole website crashed yesterday, which was a bit of a pain after I'd sorted out some people's password issues and promised them that everything would be fine! I promise that once we're all sorted with registration and passwords etc, it should be plain sailing! (famous last words...)  In fact, I have had some fantastic work in response to the text we set, so it was absolutely worth battling with!

  Speaking of fantastic work- we had lots of it sent to us yesterday! Thank you to Joy, who has been working hard on her English writing at home; Isabelle, who sent in some wonderful descriptive writing on 'Hatched' from Pobble 365; Hermes, who was inspired by Captain Tom Moore's birthday to carry out some research on the man himself; Laura, who sent in a thoughtful poem all about lockdown; and to Anna, who produced a very interesting factfile on Gandhi- complete with facts, quotes, and photos. Well done! Also, for everyone who has been busy with things that you can't send in so easily, e.g maths exercises and games, reading, the online science lessons, etc. Your parents are letting us know that you are doing it, so well done to you too.

Have a great day and a fab weekend...


Thursday 30th April

Hello Year 6! It’s the last day of April, and it’s the amazing Captain Tom Moore’s 100th birthday! See if you can find out what rank he has been promoted to, in recognition of his achievements.

   (Apparently it's also International Jazz Day today- as well as Oatmeal Cookie Day. I kid you not! I know how I’ll be celebrating…)

  Anyway, I hope you are all feeling good and that you are working your way through this week’s tasks. Don’t forget to sign up for Reading Planet here if you haven’t done so already- I’ve seen some brilliant factfiles from those of you who have. Well done! I am sure that you have plenty to keep you going, but if you do want some other activities to do today, then the BBC Yr6 page has a good lesson revising BODMAS, or you can find out more about Ramadan with their RE lesson.

  Aside from actual lessons, don’t forget that you can send me some great animal-related questions to really test those QI elves- thank you to Max who already has! OR, you could always head over to LoveReading4Kids to read extracts of new book releases and enter some of their competitions. I am desperate to hear what you are all reading at the moment!

  Espresso are still doing their ‘Make Your World Bigger’ quiz so have a go if you haven’t already!

(Espresso Username: student6832  Password: didsburyroad)

  Thank you to Matilda for sending in her fantastic research on the Industrial Revolution yesterday, and to Sam for his fab Google logo and factfile on Martin Luther King. Also well done to Max for his excellent Pobble 365 writing. Kayden has been busy with Pobble, too, and I loved reading his research on penguins! Finally, thanks to Phoebe for a lovely Google logo and Pobble writing. Great work you lot!

  I know we are sending work your way every day, Year 6, but remember that you might not complete everything… and that’s ok. Your parents will tell you when you have done enough. It’s really important to leave time for exercise and relaxation too!


Enjoy your day and be good!


Wednesday 29th April

Good morning! I can’t believe we are halfway through another week already… The days are whizzing by. I’ve found that, for me, the best thing to do is to try and keep as close as I can to my normal routine, time-wise. I’m even having my morning break around the same time (although I am trying not to blow a whistle at the end of it, as it doesn’t go down well with my neighbours).

  It was great to see some more people signing up for Reading Planet yesterday- you can check back to yesterday’s update if you need details of how to sign up or log in. I know some of you really enjoyed doing the online Science lesson, which is good to hear. The only thing you have to ignore slightly is the quiz at the beginning. It might tell you your answers are wrong, even if they’re correct. Don’t worry, the quiz score doesn’t get recorded and it’s only a tiny part of the lesson. The video is the main aspect!

  Mrs Gibson wanted me to mention a website you might like- Radioblogging.net. It is a daily radio programme that teaches literacy and encourages children to write. It features different authors each day- I think today’s author is Sophie Anderson (‘The House with Chicken Legs’, ‘The Girl who Speaks Bear’) but there are lots of great authors featured. Mrs Gibson did say that rather than listening live, you might be better to listen afterwards, so you can just pick out the bits you like.

  Seeing as it’s also International Dance Day today, I thought we’d celebrate with another daft dance from Go Noodle. You can find it here!

   Finally- thank you to Laura, who has done a great job with her Pobble 365 and History work; Tait, who produced a fab factfile on Nelson Mandela (in response to the Reading Planet work we set); Max, who has completed his History work and a great factfile on Martin Luther King; and Joy, who sent me a lovely record of all the hard work she’s been doing. You have been busy! I know everyone is doing their absolute best and we are so proud of you! Keep it up- it will be worth it.


Have a fantastic day…


Tuesday 28th April

Good morning! I hope you all managed to get on with some work yesterday, and that you didn’t find it too tricky. I am really looking forward to hearing about what you have done, so don’t forget to send us an update on anything you’ve enjoyed completing.

We have solved the issues with Reading Planet so we’re going to give it a go.

  1. If you have already joined with an email address this should be available to you log in at: https://my.risingstars-uk.com/Default.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2f
  2.  If you haven’t signed up yet, the site is Rising Stars and I will put a link below which you can click to sign up to it. It needs an email address so you will have to ask your parents to input theirs. Once you sign up, it may take a couple of hours for you to be able to access the e-books, so the sooner you sign up, the better!


Reading planet – Game changers – In the section: Earth /Grey A

Task: Read about the key figures who were game changers and then choose a key figure to create a factfile about.

You could include information such as where they are from, when they lived, what their childhood was like and how they came to be such an important figure. What are the events or actions they are most well-known for? Why does this person inspire or interest you?


     If you are in need of a silly dance break later (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) then why not try this crazy number from GoNoodle. It’s worth it just to hear the attempts at a British accent!



Finally, thanks to Jake, who has worked hard on improving some ‘sick sentences’ on Pobble 365, and to William, who has been busy creating a fab Google logo!


Have a great day…


Monday 27th April 

Hello, everybody! Another week of home learning begins. We’ve got lots to keep you busy and interested, we hope. Well done if you managed to get lots done last week- if not, then see this week as a fresh start!

  I keep wondering what you are all up to! Yesterday, I managed to drag myself on a 5km run and donate £5 for the ‘Run for Heroes’ challenge because my friend nominated me. Thanks, friend! (I’d be much better suited to the ‘Eat a pizza and donate £5’ challenge, but there doesn’t seem to be one). Then I had a chat with my family on Zoom, which was fun. My dad hasn’t let my mum cut his hair yet, but I don’t think he can put it off much longer! I let my daughter loose on mine last week- she only trimmed it. I wasn’t brave enough to let Josh have a go at it! Can you imagine…

  Anyway- your learning for Week 2 is now on the Home Learning Summer Term page. You should find everything you need. If you have any problems, let us know. It might look like a lot but all you need to do is chip away at what you can do. Your parents will decide if you’ve done enough each day, in which case don’t worry if not everything gets done over the week. We haven’t put any official Art on for this week, but you can always return to Mrs Johnson’s art challenge from last half term. We have also extended the date for any animal questions for the QI Elves to this Friday (1st May) so get them rolling in! If you can’t remember what this is about look back at the update from Fri 3rd April…

  There should be some work from Reading Planet on tomorrow (I'll remind you then how to register if you haven't already) but we're having one or two technical issues with it at the moment. School is a lot easier when we're at school!

  Well done to Lucia, who has been busy at home doing lots of History- great to hear! And finally for today, thank you to Charlotte, who has sent in some fantastic writing using Pobble 365. Keep it up!


Have a fantastic day Year 6…


Friday 24th April 

Happy Friday year 6 - another week rolls around and this one seems to have gone quickly for me. I'm a little later this morning so I had better crack straight on with what I need to tell you. I have had lots of messages from you all this week which has been really great. I can see you have been busy and I have had lots of examples of work. I can see lots of you have managed the google logo as I had a great example from Peggy and Mrs Clapperton had one from Joy yesterday on top of the ones we have had earlier in the week. We also had science work on inheritance with a brand new Mr Men offspring from Joe. William - it was lovely to see all your photos with the lovely things you have been doing - you've certainly kept busy and I am glad you enjoyed your birthday . Lockdown birthdays are a little strange aren't they? But it's a chance to have fun with your family and do things together. My son turned 16 this month and I don't think his celebration is what he would have chosen, but I really liked having him at home and making a fuss of him within the family. It was lovely to hear from Charlie this week and I appreciated the update on his current reading - there was plenty of it so well done! I am just getting to the end of Shadowsea which is the last in a series of books by Peter Bunzl ( it starts with Cogheart) and I have enjoyed them so much I am reluctant to reach the end, knowing I won't encounter the characters again. That's how you know a book is really great, I think. There will be a new week's worth of work on Monday but don't let that put you off going back and trying the scratch activity or the science and history from this week. The science and history, in particular, build on each other week by week. Do keep reading and check out my recommended reads on the website for ideas of what to read next. Sign up for rising stars too the link was on a previous update from this week but I archive them all so parents can go back to other days. I will be setting a reading task next week based on that site. The BBC bitesize website has something today on transition to secondary school and it might be a good idea to give that a look - although I confess I don't know how good it is ( let's hope it's better than Maro Itoje reading a story). We don't wish you gone but we would be starting to talk a little in school about transition this half term. Whatever you do, have a lovely day and a fun weekend. Keep sending us updates and photos - we love to see how you are.

Mrs Gibson and Mrs Clapperton


Thursday 23rd April 

Good morning year 6. I'm looking out at my garden as I type this and it's looking lovely. Tulips are out and my favourite rhododendron ( now there's a word - are you impressed I can spell it?) - my Mum bought me it when we first moved in and it is full of gorgeous dark pink flowers. All this beauty was a little spoiled by the headless mouse that my cat presented us with this morning. I tried not to think what happened to its head . I've enjoyed spending time with my youngest son helping him with his history work yesterday and I see that you have been doing some great work at home too. Isabelle sent me a fab google logo and her "Green Vision" - you have done loads this week, English, maths, geography ,science and ICT !  I was impressed to see Phoebe's science work with skittles and I am so pleased to hear you have enjoyed "The Great Brain Robbery" - you know how I love to hear about your reading. Thanks to parents and Isabelle/Phoebe - tell Mum she is doing an amazing job. I hope everyone has been able to access the white rose Maths and the powerpoints have worked for history and science but you should do what is possible for you. I know some parents are still working from home and it's hard to fit in working with you too especially when there are brothers and sisters too. Keep sending in anything you want to show us via email for the moment as the class blogs are not ready to go yet. I will set something on Rising stars reading site next week for whoever has signed up. I shall be singing with my Zoom choir again tonight - I am not sure what my neighbours think when they hear me but it's lovely see my other choir members and sing together - Miss Nolan would be proud. Find something to sing along to today and have a fun day at home.

Mrs Gibson and Mrs Clapperton



Wednesday 22nd April 

Good morning year 6. Here comes the sun again- we've been so spoilt with the weather lately. My rabbit thinks all his birthdays have come at once. He's constantly out in the garden skipping around. My cat, on the other hand , does not let all the lovely sunshine disturb his routine of sleeping, eating and then sleeping some more. I hope you are managing to stay active in your gardens and close to home. We had to film my younger son passing a rugby ball so it could be spliced together with the rest of his team - a bit like the Heaton Mersey Lacrosse one that I saw online. You wouldn't believe how long it took to get the right shot - I'm sure Martin Scorsese doesn't have that kind of trouble with his actors. We even had a blooper reel by the time we had finished. I know some of you have managed to complete some tasks because I had emails and even a little film clip. Sarah had made an amazing Google logo with sounds attached and sent me a film of it and the noises it made- thank you. It's so nice hear from you. It's a strange feeling to plan work that I won't actually see you do so it was great to also have an email from Peggy with her lovely English work and I also saw pictures of books in boxes from some year 1 children ( I know I didn't ask for them to be done but it was lovely to see they decided to complete them despite closures - just like Charlotte in 6G ). I noticed lots of you signed up to Rising stars yesterday so hopefully more will follow and I will plan in an activity on there next week. Although it will need a parental email address the rest of the boxes need your names in. Year 6 has some new older members as of yesterday and Phoebe was so enthusiastic about it she registered twice. I don't wish to be a Harry Potter bore but the official website has brought out extra stuff for home learning - so if you're a fan it might appeal to you. Here's the link https://www.wizardingworld.com/collections/harry-potter-at-home. I have also revamped the books section of the website with recommended reading so have a look and see what you think. Whatever you are doing, enjoy your day.

Mrs Gibson and Mrs Clapperton


Tuesday April 21st

Good morning year 6. What a glorious day again. I hope you managed some of the work we set yesterday - I know for sure that some of you did, but more on that later. Today I wanted to point you in the direction of two things. I had a look at the BBC bitesize lessons yesterday - I wanted to check them out before recommending them. I think the grammar stuff could be useful reminders of what we have done this year so check out those, but the history wasn't relevant to us as we don't cover that topic and the Maths on rounding seemed fairly straight forward but might be useful revision. I think you have enough to be getting on with from the work we put up yesterday, but just in case anyone is bored and twiddling their thumbs - bitesize is there. Make sure you click on the year 6 work or you will think it's very easy. There are some famous faces on there! My son's absolute rugby hero Maro Itoje was reading a story yesterday for some comprehension work. Let's just say his strengths definitely lie in rugby. Anyway onto reading: do you remember before the holidays I mentioned some reading comprehension work but we weren't set up on the site? Well now we can be. The site is Rising Stars and I will put a link below which you can click to sign up to it. It needs an email address so you will have to ask your parents to input theirs. If you sign up then I will be able to set you some reading work from next week . It won't exactly be like our group reading sessions but it's a similar idea. Here's the link    https://passport.hoddereducation.co.uk/Register/trmSvz9xw20e213e3f-47f5-4d12-9695-5db8578adc89z9xw25z9xw2z9xw2z9xw2vhlYOuwfMpAO7Ga3AOk9z9xw21D96810E3161B55FA7C0DC590D405A47.


To finish with - a few thank yous to children who have sent us photos of their work. Well done to Dan for getting straight on it with his cricket themed Google logo , equally Max who got straight on with the science work on inheritance. Over the holidays we had lovely updates from Lucia, Annaleece and Sam's animal report so thanks for those guys. It's lovely to feel like we are still in touch with you . Anyone who struggles with links for work let us know but White rose maths can just be googled if you have trouble with the link. Enjoy your Tuesday.

Mrs Gibson and Mrs Clapperton  

Monday 20th April

Good morning year 6 and welcome back to the summer term. We hope you had a lovely Easter break and that the bunny brought you plenty of chocolate. This would have been the start of our final term together so we are setting some revision type work and some exploring of the topics we would have been studying, just to give you a chance to experience some of the science, history and ICT you would have been looking at with us. You can find details of each week's learning on our class page in the section marked Home learning Summer 2020. In there you will find a word document each week that details the work you can be busy with. There is English and maths for each day and then some science, history, ICT and geography which you can spread out over the week. All the links to websites and powerpoints you need are in the document. There will be a new one next week. We hope you enjoy it. I think Mrs Collins is exploring new ways you can communicate with school and show us what you have been doing but thank you to children who have emailed in pictures of the work you have been doing. Anna - I received yours during the holidays - what a great project of South America ! Very visual. I have really enjoyed the contact with you and seeing a little bit of what life has been like whist you're not in school. Thanks to James for his lovely powerpoint and Charlotte for her biomes pyramid style work and book in a box. Hopefully the blog will make it easier to send messages directly to me and Mrs Clapperton. We will let you know when it's up and running - I had a look this morning and there's a very interesting looking avatar of me so I don't think it's ready for use yet!  Continue to enjoy this gorgeous weather we're having - my garden looks like a new pin, but I have aches and pains galore from chopping and weeding and planting so maybe I will enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of a patio chair today. Whatever you do we hope you are having fun and miss seeing your faces. Take care and enjoy the learning.

Mrs Gibson and Mrs Clapperton

Friday 3rd April

Good Morning, for our last update before the Easter break… We have so much to tell you about today that we need to get straight on with it:

QI Elves: Have you heard of them? They’re the researchers behind the BBC Two panel game QI, but they also write books, host podcasts and answer weird and wonderful questions on the Radio 2 breakfast show with Zoe Ball. They’re very clever people, and… are you ready for this, Year 6?  

    Ms Norman’s nephew, Jack Chambers, is one of the QI elves!!! No, I didn’t know this either! Anyway, being the superstar that she is, she got in touch with him and asked about the possibility of us sending in a question to the elves. So here’s the challenge! We need to think of an AMAZING question to put to the QI elves. Something interesting and unusual… a fact that we can’t easily find the answer to ourselves. You never know, if it’s good enough, they might choose to use it on one of their platforms one day. And if they do? Ms Norman will be the first to let us know. Apparently, questions about animals are a great choice, which is good for us because it links to our Science topic. One of the examples Jack gave to Ms Norman was ‘Why don’t penguins’ feet freeze?’, but I’m sure you can make the elves think even harder than that! You could maybe make a list of questions over a few days, then send them to the admin email address at school. Make sure they reach us before April 13th

Oddizzi: This is a great Geography website that the teachers at school use, but now we have arranged access for you at home, too. There are videos, activities and even a quiz to take part in! See the Geography section of our ‘Activities to Enjoy at Home’ for more details.


Thanks to Isabelle, Joe, Archie, James, Josh C and Laura for sending their fantastic work in for us to see- glad to see you’ve all been so busy! Lots of hard work going on- well done. 

You all deserve a proper Easter break, so please see all activities over the next 2 weeks as optional. We won’t be updating the website with daily ideas, but feel free to continue with the activities we’ve already put on, as well as sending in your QI elf questions.

Happy holidays, take care,

The Year 6 team


Thursday 2nd April

Good morning! We hope you are all well and happy, doing lots of interesting things with your time away from us. The whole Year 6 team is missing you lots and lots… Mrs Wilkins even sent me a message last night asking if I would say hello from her. She was thinking back to your SMSC work on ‘Community’ a few weeks ago and wondering if recent events have changed the way you feel about your community? Do you feel like your community is closer at the moment? Are you more a part of it? Have you been able to help your community in any way, or has it helped you? It’s definitely an interesting topic to consider at the moment. If you have any thoughts, let us know…

   I’m setting you an extra little maths challenge this morning. Keep going with any challenges on Espresso, White Rose etc, on the Activities to Enjoy at Home page, but here is a fun puzzle to get your brain going this morning. You can find it on the NRich maths website https://nrich.maths.org/differentdeductions .

  Before I go, I need to say a quick thank you for continuing to send us examples of your work. Last night I read some brilliant book reviews thanks to Sam, Joe and Peggy; fed my brain thanks to Powerpoint presentations by Laura and Dan; and was wowed with Keith Haring-style artwork from Peggy. Keep it up! We love to see your work.


Have a thrilling Thursday- we’ll be back tomorrow!

The Year 6 team


Wednesday April 1st

  Good morning Year 6! Welcome to April, at last. Have you fallen for any April Fool’s Day pranks? Poisson d'Avril (meaning April fish) is the French equivalent of April Fool’s Day, taking place on 1st April. It is tradition that children create paper fish, pinning them to unsuspecting adults and while saying Poisson d'Avril (April fool). Maybe you could find out a little bit about how this tradition started today!

The good news is that while everything may still be closed, Harry Potter fans (as well as fans of lovely, brilliant free things) can now find out all about the history of magic and the world of Harry Potter from the comfort of their own homes! The Harry Potter: A History of Magic exhibition originally opened at The British Library in London in 2017 and is now online for you to enjoy. It features sketches and manuscripts from Harry Potter, fascinating facts about magic, videos and much more! You can find the exhibition online at https://artsandculture.google.com/project/harry-potter-a-history-of-magic

   Thanks to Laura and Max for sending me their fantastic work on animals and South America, and to Jake for his artwork- keep it all coming, everyone! If you are feeling artistic today, get started on Mrs Johnson’s ‘April Art Challenge’… she’s given you an idea for everyday of the month! You can find it on our ‘Activities to Enjoy at Home’ section.


Have a great day and keep in touch,

Mrs Clapperton and Mrs Gibson



Tuesday 31st March

Good morning to you all in year 6 - where has the sun got to? We thought spring had sprung last week - let's hope it makes a speedy return. We hope you are still finding plenty to do at home. We are going to put up a couple of other suggestions in case you fancy a change. Mrs Potts has suggested a science site which has daily experiments https://drchips.weebly.com/ . I will add this to the Activites at home section as well. It has daily demonstrations at 10.00 am every day of Science or STEM type activities. Don't know if you've listened to any David Walliams at 11.00. I listened in yesterday and provided you enjoy stories about snot it was great frown. Thank you to Joe and James for having a go at some Keith Haring style pictures I loved them . What a great idea, James, to draw around your own body - thanks to Mum for her assistance.


For anyone who is a fan of Anthony Horowitz's Alex Rider series of books, he is launching his next one in the series via You tube on the 2nd of April at 10.00. He'll be reading extracts and answering questions from fans. If you want to ask him anything I think it can be done via Twitter or Facebook so you will have to ask for parental help with that. We have also subscribed to a reading site with extracts and quizzes etc. Keep an eye on the Activities to enjoy at home section for further details on that one.


As a bit of fun Will Sliney  who is a marvel illustrator is doing daily how to draw workshops so if you like marvel comics it might appeal to you.

Enjoy your Tuesday guys and keep sending us the pictures - we miss you!

Mrs Gibson and Mrs Clapperton


Monday 30th March

Good morning! Well done for last week- I hope you had a rest at the weekend and gave yourself some time off! Back to another busy week of learning at home now…

   We’re starting the week with Joe Wicks again (I think my muscles have just about forgiven me for the pain I put them through last week). At school we sometimes watch News Bites from Espresso on a Monday, so you could watch that, and even test yourself on the News Bites quiz afterwards.

   Have you read any good books since school has been closed? If so, we’d love to read a quick review of it, if you ask your parents to email it in. I’ve included a couple of links to writing competitions today, too, to keep your creative writing ideas flowing. Get entering- you might win yourself a prize!

    Don’t forget to check the Geography and Science sections of our ‘Activities to Enjoy at Home’ section for ideas on South America and Animal Adaptation projects. You could do a Powerpoint presentation, an information booklet or maybe something artistic?

    Have you looked at any Keith Haring artwork yet? You’ll love it! We’d love to see your own versions when you’ve had a go at some. Again, you could take a photo of any completed Keith Haring pictures and ask an adult to email it in to us, telling us whether or not you’d mind your picture going on the website. Hopefully, we can all inspire each other!


Have a great day Year 6- we are missing you lots!

Mrs Clapperton and Mrs Gibson

Friday 27th March


Good morning year 6 it's Friday fun day. You've made it to the end of your first week of home learning. We hope you have managed to find plenty to do and that you have enjoyed the upturn in the weather. It's set to last the weekend too. We have added a link to White Rose Maths on the "Activities to enjoy at home" section of our class page. Have a look at it and keep practising your arithmetic skills - some lovely long division maybe ? Keep reading - you could go out in the garden to do that. In art we were going to move on to looking at Keith Haring who was a famous graffiti artist - I am sure you would recognise some of his work. Twinkl has a powerpoint all about him. Perhaps you could have a go at some Keith Haring style pictures or maybe even 3D models. We love his bright colours and the energy in his artwork and hope you like it too. Whatever you are doing - have fun.

Mrs Gibson and Mrs Clapperton

Thursday 26th March


Good morning year 6. Sorry this entry is a little later than usual. I have been to crazy town in search of supplies (known to the majority of us as Sainsbury's). I hope you are enjoying this glorious weather out in your gardens. All the tulips are coming out and the blossom on the cherry trees- it looks gorgeous. It should really be singing assembly today so sing a song for Miss Nolan from your house. Get the stereo or the radio on and join in. I will be singing with my choir later using an app called Zoom. Not sure how that's going to work out but I am banished upstairs to try it and Mrs Clapperton will be singing in the shower or somewhere else she can't be heard. Make sure you get some exercise in between all the reading and school work we are sure is going on. We hope your animal projects are coming along and you have learned lots about adaptation and evolution and that you have managed to find out some information about South America. There are lots of links for you to follow to help you find information in the " Activities to Enjoy at Home " section above.  Enjoy your Thursday and be good for your parents who will be loving seeing so much of you. We miss you all. Take Care.

Mrs Gibson and Mrs Clapperton