Didsbury Road Primary School

Happy, Caring, Confident Learners.

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Our Curriculum


At Didsbury Road our curriculum is based on our ethos, vision and core values. It has been designed in collaboration with staff and pupils.


We aim to offer a curriculum that is broad and balanced and prepares our pupils with skills for the future.


We strive to promote a caring nature in all our pupils.


The 5 Es

Our creative curriculum is focused on being

  • exciting
  • engaging
  • enjoyable
  • enriching
  • enhancing

The 7 Cs

Our curriculum focuses on skills and knowledge. The key life skills we value and want to promote in our pupils are:

  • confidence
  • curiosity
  • collaboration
  • communication
  • creativity
  • commitment
  • craftsmanship


Flexibility when planning is the key to a creative, broad, interconnected curriculum. Flexibility enables the staff and children at Didsbury Road to make the most of time, resources and expertise.


Learning Enhancements and Enrichments

We value external expertise and welcome opportunities to enhance our curriculum such as visits from authors, artists, police officers, the mayor and engineers.

Parents are an important resource in our creative curriculum. We encourage their support and engagement to enhance our curriculum with events such as Diversity week and Science week.

We offer wider curriculum opportunities and after school clubs such as Multisports, karate, art club, ukulele, French and lacrosse.

Residentials and visits outside school give the pupils at Didsbury Road first hand experience and enable interconnectivity between subjects.

We encourage creativity and confidence through regular class assemblies and year group performances.

We punctuate our timetable with enrichment days for specific curriculum subjects such as Art , History and Geography. The purpose of these enrichment days is to develop a deeper understanding of specific skills and knowledge.

Our curriculum is responsive to the individual needs and interests of our pupils and encourages the use of environments and expertise beyond the classroom.

It is underpinned by aims, values and purpose. We strive to develop the whole child - their knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes.