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This week in English we will be carrying on from last week where we were looking at the story of The Stone Age Boy. This week involves you acting out your own version of the Stone Age Boy, planning it and looking at writing some detailed paragraphs, ready for your return to school.

Monday and Tuesday

You may have started this last week so please continue...

Have a think about how you are going to change the story slightly.

The characters will be the same – Boy, Om and her tribe but you must decide;

*How their boy ends up in the stone age. Perhaps he was gardening and fell down a hole, perhaps he was walking, trips over a kerb and becomes unconscious?... Their decision.

*Decide on 3 adventures that the Boy has with Om. Fishing/hunting/berry picking/lighting a fire/cleaning the hide… Their decision.

* How does their boy get back to modern life. What is the trigger which sends him back. Perhaps he falls from a tree whilst hunting??


Please write your ideas down on the planning sheet so you can bring this into school with you on your return. We will be using this to help when we write the whole story next week.

Once you have filled in your planning sheet you can then start your visual story map. This lesson goes over two days.

Examples of Visual story maps from last week that could help you when you are planning your OWN version.


Drama –Children to act out the adventures that their stone age boy does and family member has to guess what they are.


Children to work with a family member, use their visual story plan to orally retell their Stone Age story. 

Next, Using their visual story plan and their planning sheet from previous lesson. Children to plan their 3 chunky paragraphs about their adventures. What they saw, heard, smelt, felt…

Write this directly into a workbook or on paper so they can bring it back on their return to school.

They may set it out like this...

Adventure 1 - 


Adventure 2 -


Adventure 3 - 


In all adventures, children are to asked to write detailed sentences about what their character heard, smelt, felt and saw. Think about what vocabulary they could use and how to make their adventures sounds exciting!!


Recap what adjectives are and how they can be used in writing to add detail and interest.

Children to look at various Stone Age pictures and write suitable adjectives on post it notes (these can be stuck around the picture)



Refer back to their plan (3 chunky paragraphs) yesterday of their 3 adventures in their Stone Age story. Children to now re-write their paragraphs plan by adding adjectives or changing their adjectives by using a thesaurus.

You can use an online Thesaurus if you don't have one at home.

Google....'Thesaurus for children' 




History Stone Age 



LO: To draw conclusions from historical evidence.


Imagine that you are an archeologist. You have stumbled across a settlement and need to draw conclusions based on what you can see and what you can find. Look at the images on the word document and write ideas about what you think you have found.


Now look at the Skara Brae. Write down any interesting things that you have found out.