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Reading / English


- Complete the reading comprehension - choose either * (least tricky) to *** (most tricky)!


LO: To understand pictograms.


Watch the video then complete the activities.


LO: To identify how to keep safe around medicines

It is really important that we know what medicines are, why we use them, where they should be kept and who should give them to us.


This lesson is all about exploring safety around medicines.

Please work through the Powerpoint below called Medicine Safety.

If you have any questions about anything that has been raised then you could ask these at morning check in tomorrow.

Use the cards below to discuss different situations related to medicines with an adult at home.


We need to be keeping as fit as we can be. As well as your walks and bike rides, try something new. If you have a scooter this is a great activity to keep you fit. I know someone in Year 3 has a pogo stick! I wonder if you are managing more bounces now!

Below are some suggested activities that may help you think of ideas. Consider using a fitness app or a fitness channel and get the whole family to join in.