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Today we are going to work really hard to develop the fluidity of our joins. That is making sure our letters are the correct shape and size, on and between the lines and that the letters join really smoothly together. You can use the document below which recaps on some of our spelling on homophones and near homophones or you can write the words in your books using the 2 lines.
  • We are learning about calligrams.
  • Click on this link to see some calligrams on Bembo’s Zoo.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmEph902N8w
  • Watch the teaching video.
  • Look at the animal calligrams on the word document below.
  • In the grid write down the name of one of the animals.
  • Write how each letter is used.
  • Copy out your favourite calligrams.
  • Say out loud or write why it is your favourite.

Monday English Lesson 22.02.21

Still image for this video

Warm Up

Practise x tables using game in class or Hit The Button at home


Let’s choose 9’s today and see how confident we are!

Remember what we have taught you about using your fingers for your 9’s to help you with the answers. Here’s a link to remind you.


If you are really confident with this today, choose another one that you are less confident with and practise that too! If you are confident with them all, try your TTRS or a mix on Hit The Button


Main Activity


Today we are going to be creating bar charts.

Please watch the video lesson because you are going to work alongside me and pause the video whilst I set you short tasks.

We are working together through the maths lesson today so the video was a little too long for this page. Please click here to go to the video link in the video centre.


Visit Didsbury Road Home Page - Pupils - Home learning - Video centre - Year 3

You are going to work in your books as I set you the short tasks.

Please work through the Monday Power Point if you need to go back through things after my video.



If the above work challenged you then you do not need to do this activity. If you found the work comfortable or easy you might like to challenge yourself to create your own Tally Chart of information and then create a scaled bar chart. Remember that a scaled bar chart is when you jump in numbers on one of the axis e.g. 2’s, 5’s, 10’s.


Mardi Gras.mp4

Still image for this video

Today is time to finish off your coding project.


LO: To understand how to use visual code to operate a program

Today you will be learning to code using Visual Code. These are blocks of instructions that when put together will make an algorithm.

Please finish levels 6-20.

If you are able to, please print off your certificate for evidence of completion.


Use this following website to complete your activity.