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LO: To read and spell words with the /ʃ/ sound

spelt ‘ch’ (mostly French in origin) as well as ‘s’, ‘ss(ion/ure)’


English Thursday 4th Feb.mp4

Still image for this video

Watch the teaching video about how to use inverted commas in speech.

Compete the task which involves you using speech correctly.

Remember the golden rules of speech.

Present your work neatly – like you would do at school!

EXTENSION – Write the next paragraph in the story and add the correct speech.

LO: To explore bar charts.


Watch the video then complete the activities.


Ms Nolan's Music Video

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Rocks! Calling all Rock Experts!

  • Today we will be learning about the three main rock groups.
  • Watch Dr Norbury’s video.
  • Then use the link below to complete the ‘What is a Rock?’ guide on BBC bitesize. Make sure you read the information and complete the quiz.
  • Work through the Powerpoint below.
  • Create a poster (this can be done in your book over a double or single page spread), quiz or presentation to show your knowledge and understanding of the three rock groups. If you are doing a presentation show your notes and planning in your home learning book. You can film your presentation but this is not necessary.
  • I have put some examples of posters below to show you different ways to present your work.

What are the rocks? Help Dr N work out the names of the rocks in the photos.