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This week we are going to be practising joining from the letter f. At the top of the first image, it models an example of what your join should be like from the letter f. Use the first image to practise your f join. Use the lines in your book or on your paper to draw your letters the correct shape and size. 

LO: To write a portrait shape poem in the simple present and past tense.

  • Watch the teaching video first which covers all the learning you need for the activity. 

  • Using the frame below- write a portrait shape poem about a real or imaginary friend in the present tense.

  • You can draw the portrait too.

  • Then read the poem out loud, but change the verbs from the present to the past tense.

English Monday.mp4

Still image for this video

LO: To understand equivalent lengths m and cm.

Warm Up

Today we are going to practise our halves of numbers.

Please use Hit the Button and click Halves


Then select from the list on the left.

Start with what you know then push the boundaries a little. You might be slower but it’s really good practice.


Main Activity

Today we are going to be looking at equivalent lengths m and cm.

Please watch the video lesson.

Please work through the Monday Power Point to make sure you understand what was mentioned in the video.

Complete the Monday activity. This can be printed out or write answers in your home learning book. Please don’t copy all of the questions out, just write your answers. Use any jottings and methods you would like to work out your answers in your book too, just like we do at school!

Check your work alongside the answers.



If the above work challenged you then you do not need to do this activity. If you found the work comfortable or easy you might like to challenge yourself to the extension activity.

Maths Monday.mp4

Still image for this video


On Thursday 4th March it is World Book Day!

Are you a Reading Star at home? Click below to find out?

Just 10 minutes of reading a day makes a HUGE difference!



Continue listening to The boy who Grew Dragons Chapter 11




French months.mp4

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Today we are going to be using 2Logo on Purple Mash.

(You may need to select our school and then log in as:





LO: To understand that the floor turtle commands can be used in an on-screen program.


Have a look at the beebot in the picture above – can you remember using these in KS1?

Can you remember how to make a square? A rectangle?



The arrow is like the beebot but we have to code it to move.


There is a tutorial video in the top right corner - it has a black square with a green arrow in it. Please watch this to learn about the different commands.


Today I would like you to try and make some shapes. The commands to make a square are shown below.

Fd 5

Rt 90

Fd 5

Rt 90

Fd 5

Rt 90

Fd 5

Rt 90


Have a go at entering these commands. Did you make a square? yes


Now have a go at changing the background and pen colour.


Can you make another square a different size to your first one?


Experiment with the commands to identify what other shapes you can create. Have fun! wink