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Reception 2022-2023



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Reception News

Friday February 4th

This week the children have been introduced to the 'ur' grapheme and they have consolidated their knowledge of the 'ee' grapheme through the new Fluency Book Green Frog.

In Maths we have been investigating how to make 5 in lots of different ways. 

In RE the children have been discussing which places are special to us and why. 

The children really enjoyed their winter animal hunt in Nature School too!

We will be having another Book Share on Monday February 13th at 8.30 - 8.55 and again on Thursday February 16th at 8.30- 8.55. This is another opportunity for you to share the learning environment with your child. Please come along to either of these sessions.

Have a great weekend!

The Reception Team



Friday January 20th

This week the children have really enjoyed playing in the snow! We have been learning all about the season of winter and it was lovely to have the snow this week! Much fun was had by all!

We have introduced the new grapheme 'ow' and we have been reading our new Fluency Book 'Cook Book' to consolidate the graheme 'oo' that we learnt last week.

For the first time, we have enjoyed a Deal session using our Magic Story Box which is very exciting. We are using the book 'Stickman' by Julia Donaldson as a focus. 

The children collected sticks in Nature School and they decorated them with glitter to look like frost. They will be displayed in our Art Gallery in our classrooms.

Finally, the children have been learning all about Chinese New Year. This year it is the year of the rabbit. The children have been learning how to carefully draw rabbits too!

Have a great weekend!

The Reception Team


Friday January 13th

Happy New Year! We hope you had a very enjoyable Christmas break.

The children have enjoyed a busy first week back. We have introduced the grapheme/ phoneme 'oo' as in wood, book, look, foot. We have used the traditional tale of Little Red Riding Hood as a focus for this, with a twist at the end!

We have written about what presents we got for Christmas and the children have enjoyed playing with the new basketball net that we got from Father Christmas during our Christmas party.

We have introduced our new topic Winter. The children have enjoyed playing in the winter house and dressing up in onesies to keep warm! 

They have created winter pictures using differing tints of blue which will be displaed in our Art Gallery. 

Please can you remember to provide us with the correct Nature School clothing if you haven't already- wellies and waterproof trousers-  as we will be visiting our Nature School area next week. Also, just a reminder that Home Reader books should be returned on Fridays. If a Home Reader book is not returned then we are unable to give it to the next child.

Finally, we attended our first ever Headteacher's Award assembly yesterday where some of our children very proudly received a headteacher's certificate!

Have a great weekend!

The Reception Team


Friday December 16th

We hope you all enjoyed our performance of Rudolf Around the World this morning. The children have worked so hard rehearsing their lines, singing, dancing and learning to speak in different languages! They all really enjoyed performing for their parents and grown-ups  and some told me 'it was the best day ever!' We are all so proud of them too!

We will be visiting the library as usual today and we will collect all the library books in. The children will be not taking a library book home now until after the Christmas holidays. 

As we approach the final week of term the children will continue to enjoy many  of the Christmas activities in class. They will be bringing home their cards, calendars and decorations next week too.

Don't forget the Christmas party day on is Wednesday 21st December and the children can wear their own clothes on that day.

Have a great weekend!

The Reception Team.




Friday December 9th

The children enjoyed wearing their Christmas jumpers yesterday. Thankyou to all who supported the Save the Children charity. 

This week we have been very busy making Christmas cards and calendars which the children will bring home and share with you during the last week of term.

We have introduced another new grapheme - ar, and we have enjoyed reading a new Fluency Book - Zoom,Zoom!

The Magic Microphone has been introduced into our Christmas House so that we can ask questions about what our characters are doing and how they are feeling. 

Today we have had our first dress, dress rehearsal and performed in front of the Nursery children. They loved it and I am sure the children will perform just as well for their grown ups next Friday morning!

Have a great weekend!

The Reception Team

Friday December 2nd

We have thoroughly embraced the countdown to Christmas in Reception this week starting with our advent tree. 

We have introduced our new Christmas House in our role -play areas. We have also introduced 2 new phonics games, Car Park and Ready,Steady, Write, with a Christmas focus!

The children are well underway with their Christmas rehearsals. We have plenty of costumes for the children, however, if we do need you to provide a costume we will let you know next week. 

The children have continued with their Monster Phonics sessions and have learnt the grapheme 'oo' this week. They have consolidated their knowledge of consonant digraphs, ch,sh,th,ng by reading the Fluency Book Chip Shop.

Finally, I hope you all have a lovely time at the Christmas Fair tomorrow at 2pm.

Have a great weekend!

The Reception team

Friday 25th November

This week the children have been learning all about having a growth mindset using the book 'Magical Yet' as a focus. We have been talking about how we all, whatever age, have to persevere to get better at doing something. Instead of saying 'I can't do it', we are learning to say 'I can't do it yet!' 

We have continued to introduce some new graphemes- ch,sh,th,ng. These are digraphs- 2 letters that make one phoneme. The children have also been reading a new Fluency Book - The Big Quiz.

The children have enjoyed drawing in their new sketch books for the first time. They looked carefully at the trees in our outdoor learning area and drew them with pencils. The sketch books are a great way to keep practising their drawing skills and enables them to see how their drawing has improved over time. 

We have introduced a new shapes game using a secret board onto our maths shelves. I am sure the children will be able to tell you all about it.

Finally, thankyou for all your chocolate contributions for the Christmas Fair. The chocolate bola is one of the most popular stalls every year!

Have a great weekend!

The Reception Team

Friday November 18th

Thankyou for all your contributions to Children in Need. It is a great charity and a good reminder to our children about how important it is to be kind to others. Being kind is one of our 3 bees.

This week we have continued to introduce new graphemes, y,z,zz,qu, as part of our daily Monster Phonics sessions and a new Fluency Book Fox and Box. Please don't forget to practise all the previous graphemes we have sent home and to reread the Fluency Books. Practice at home really does make the children more confident in school.

The children enjoyed wearing odd socks on Monday as part of anti-bullying week and they listened really well to an assembly delivered by Mrs Clapperton about the importance of kindness and how being kind is contagious.

We have participated in 2 DT focus days along with the rest of school. The children have learnt how to fix and join using split pins and treasury tags. They have also worked collaboratively to design and make their own playground using all the junk modelling that you have sent in. The project has been a great success!

Finally, this week the children have had the opportunity to go up on the stage for the first time, that was a very exciting moment!

Have a great weekend!

The Reception Team






Friday November 11th

We are very excited to announce that this week we have started our rehearsals for our Christmas production - Rudolph Round the World! We will be performing it for parents/carers on Friday 16th December at 9.30am. Tickets will be available soon.

This week we have introduced some new graphemes - j,v,w,x and a new Fluency Book - Up the Hill to consolidate the graphemes learnt last week. We hope you enjoyed sharing the Home Reader, these books will be changed today.

This week the children have been learning how to write a book review and to reflect on what aspects of the book 'I'm Not Cute' that they like. We will continue to have a book review area in our classrooms and we will change the book reguarly to link to our topics. 

Next week is anti-bullying week. We are going to start the week by wearing odd socks! Please can you send your child dressed in odd socks on Monday. The children will also be able to wear their own clothes on Friday as part of the Children in Need fundraiser.

We hope you like our stunning poppies on the trees at the front of school. The children have visited the 'poppy' trees this morning as part of their RE lesson.  

Finally, please could the children bring in lots of boxes/ tubes / plastic bottles/pots etc to help us with our junk-  modelling sessions next week.

Have a great weekend!

The Reception Team



Friday November 4th

Welcome back to school after half term. We have been hearing about all the exciting things that your children experienced during the holidays!

This week the children have been learning the graphemes l,f,ff,ll and ss. We have introduced a new game, Zap It, to help the children to blend cvc words. They have been reading a new Fluency book, Mum's Hat, too.

This week they will be bringing home a Home Reader book for the first time. These Home Reader books are accompanied by a support sheet that has been written by the Reception teachers with ideas about how you can extend your child's learning while sharing these lovely books together at home. The aim is to enhance you child's love of reading further. Please can you return the Home Readers every Friday. 

This week the children have been making poppies from bottles to commemorate Armistice Day. The whole school has been participating in this activity. The poppies will be displayed at the front of school next week. 

Finally, we have been discussing what happens on Bonfire Night and the rules around how to keep ourselves and our pets safe.

We hope you have a very enjoyable,and safe, Bonfie Night!

The Reception Team

Friday October 21st

Thankyou to all the parents that have attended Look at our Learning this week. We hope you enjoyed it and it gave you a chance to experience your child's learning environment for yourselves. 

This week the children have been learning all about Diwali which takes place next week. We have discussed how Diwali is celebrated around the world. The children have drawn rangoli patterns outside in chalk, have created temples using materials and have made their own diva lamps using clay! 

This week we have learnt the graphemes b and h and we have have been learning how to play a new CVC Car Park game. The children will be going to the library today and will bring home thier own library book for you to enjoy over the holidays.

Have a great half term!

The Reception Team


Friday October 14th

The children have been very excited this week as we opened our new Wildlife Rescue Centre in our role play area. They have loved looking after and feeding all the animals. They are encouraged to read a sentence before they enter the Centre too!

We have continued to introduce new graphemes - e u r and have enjoyed reading our new Fluency Book Cat and Dog. In order to consolidate their knowledge of all the graphemes and phonemes taught so far we have introduced a new phonics game called Car Park which the children have loved playing with the teachers and independently. 

We have also introduced some new autumn themed maths games to develop recognition of numbers and one to one correspondence. The introduction of the 30 second timer has made the Autumn Leaves game even more exciting!

In Nature School the children had the opportunity to observe the wonderful autumnal colours that we can see at the  front of school. They have also completed a paint colour mixing activity which they have used to create super autumn trees. These will be displayed in our class Art Gallery.

You will all be able to look at all these learning opportunities next week on Tuesday and Thursday at 8.25 - 8.45am. Hope to see you then!

The Reception Team


Friday October 7th 

We were very lucky to have a visit from the dental nurse on Monday who told us all about the importance of brushing our teeth, eating healthy food and visiting the dentist regularly. The children listened really well and were able to remember a lot of what she had told them. 

We have continued to learn new phonemes/graphemes - o,c,k and have been practising blending lots of CVCs

(consonant,vowel,consonant) words using all the graphemes/phonemes we have learnt so far such as cap, kit, dog, dad, sat, tip, pit. Please continue to practise all the previous Fluency Books at home as this will develop confidence when your child is reading in school. 

We have been encouraging the children to use a knife and fork in school at lunch time. Please could you encourage your child to do the same at home so they are able to do this more independently in school.

Finally, a date for your diary. We will be holding our Look At Our Learning sessions on Tuesday 18th October 8.25 - 8.45am and Thursday 20th October 8.25 - 8.45am. This is an opportunity for your child to show you around our classrooms and to share their learning with you. There is no need to sign up, just arrive at school at the normal entrance at 8.25am. We hope you can make it.

Have a great autumnal weekend!

The Reception Team

Friday 30th September

We have enjoyed a very busy week in Reception this week. The children have been to the Music Room for the first time on Monday and have enjoyed playing the instruments with Miss Nolan. They have also enjoyed PE with Mr Dixon for the first time too!

They did their first writing in their Writing books on Tuesday where we wrote two sentences from this week's Fluency Book. We introduced new graphemes m, d, and g which the children will take home to practice. In Maths, we used our collection of buttons to sort to different criteria.  

We have started to talk about the signs of autumn and we will continue to do this next week. If you are out and about this weekend and find some conkers, beech nuts, pine cones, acorns or dry autumn leaves please could you bring some into school for our autumn collection. 

Have a lovely weekend!

The Reception Team

Friday 23rd September

The children have continued to settle in well this week. We have been to Nature School for the first time. Some children still do not have wellies and waterproof trousers in school. Please could you provide these as soon as possible as we will be doing Nature School every Tuesday. 

Some children are finding it difficult to locate their bookbag in their group boxes. You could put a keyring on the handle if you wish to make it a little easier for them to find.

Please ensure your child brings a waterbottle and coat every day.

We have continued to introduce new phonemes and graphemes - i, n and they have taken their first Fluency Book home to practise these. The more they practise at home, the more confident they will be in school.

They have enjoyed reading a new Monster Phonics guided reading book too to further embed these new phonemes and graphemes. In Maths the children have completed a matching activity using buttons looking carefully at colour, shape, size and number of holes. They have also been expressing choices through a focus on the book You Choose by Nick Sharratt.

Have a lovely weekend!

The Reception Team




Friday 16th September

The children have settled into their classes so well this week and are making lots of new friends. They are thoroughly enjoying staying for lunch too! We have completed all the Baseline Assessments and have continued with our Starting School topic. The children have brought in their favourite books and we have been sharing these with all their friends.  The children have been encouraged to write shopping lists for the house using their own squiggles and wiggles. 

Thankyou to all the parents who attended the Curriculum Meeting yesterday. We hope you found it useful. 

The children will be brining the first set of graphemes home today s,a,t,p. Please encourage your child to learn these phonemes/graphemes. We have been sorting objects with these initial sounds in school. We have also been sorting objects by colour and shape. 

Have a lovely weekend!

The Reception Team