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X table challenge

Home Learning - w/c 18.05.20


This week we'd like you to learn all about angles. We will be using Oak Academy to facilitate this. Please check out the links below to access the daily tutorial videos and practical activities for this weeks lessons:

Home Learning - w/c 11.5.20


Have a go at summer term, week 4


You may recognise some of these lessons as we have covered them in school before. Revision is always useful!


Please note that as White Rose is no longer providing the accompanying worksheets we have provided some resources below which link to the learning in the White Rose videos. These are optional and you can pick and choose what you feel is appropriate for your child.


You can always look at oak academy or bbc bitesize if you fancy something different.

Lesson 4 - 14.05.20

Please find below resources linked to multiplication and division problem solving.

Lesson 3 - 13.05.20

Please find below some resources which could be used to support the learning of: Dividing 2 digit by 1 digit numbers.

The following resources use Base 10 pictures, Place Value counters and Partitioning (part-whole method) as used in the White Rose lesson 3 video:

Lesson 2 - 12.05.20

Please find below some resources which could be used to support the learning of: Multiplying 2 digit by 1 digit numbers. This is to accompany the White Rose Lesson 2 video, please watch the video first. 

Lesson 1- 11.05.20

Please find below some optional worksheets that could be used to support the learning of the 4x and 8x tables which is the focus for the White Rose Lesson 1 this week.

Home Learning - W/C 4.5.20


Have a go at Summer 1, week 3

Home Learning - W/C 27.4.20


Have a go at Summer 1, week 2


(Do not worry if you are behind on the lessons, previous work is still available and just work at your own pace.

Home Learning - W/C 20.4.20


Have a go at Summer Term 1, Week 1


This would be good to do alongside your parent/carer so they can help guide you through some of the learning. Watch the video together and have a go at the tasks.

Extra information

Youtube songs to help us learn!

Addition and Subtraction

Multiplication tables