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Activities to enjoy at home

Autumn 1

Make a stone age house using materials of your choice.

Go on a rock hunt - Can you identify the type of rock and whether it is igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic?

Test your rocks to see how permeable they are.

Write a non chronological report about the stone age or rocks and soils.

Research the Iron Age on the internet or using books - we will be learning about the iron age next half term.


Autumn 2

Choose a part of the human body - can you make a 3D model of it? Materials you can use: clay, foil, cardboard, straws, pipe cleaners.... 

Create a timeline of the major events from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. 

Write an acrostic poem about a festival/ event that you celebrate or have learnt about e.g. Harvest. 

Create a table of adverbials giving examples of each type. There should be three columns and the headings need to be: time, place, manner.


Spring 1

Hunt for magnetic and non magnetic materials and objects

Create your own shape poem

Research volcanoes around the world

Draw/paint/make a volcano

Use money to find totals and change

Spell the Year 3 words

Learn the 3,4 and 8 x table


Spring 2

Find a recipe for a mediterranean dish and make it with a grown up

Plant some seeds (watercress, sunflowers, tomatoes) Can you explain what they need to grow?

Choose a mediterranean country, make a poster or powerpoint about this country. Share it with the class back in school.

Create two characters. Can you create conversation and write it using speech marks?

Measure different objects using a ruler. Find the perimeter of objects, try to find shapes other than squares and rectangles.


Summer 1

Design and make a model of an air raid shelter

Make a rationing book

Write a WW2 diary entry or letter

Read the time on an analogue and digital clock at different times during the day

Keep learning the Year 3 spelling words you are unsure of