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Spring 2

Week commencing 19.2.24

The children have been super excited learning all about space.  This week the children have:

* learnt about what space is and what planets are in space 

* discussed what bedtime means and the importance of getting enough sleep to keep us healthy, perhaps you can discuss this at home

* explored sizes and have learnt key words to describe size such as tall, short, long, small and big. Can they describe different items of size at home?

* explored in the sand space, which is now really sloppy ( the children demanded it!)

* played in the space station, role playing astronauts! Can they learn more about astronauts at home?

* designed and made some beautiful space cakes with the playdough

* created their own planets using paint flicking, gluing and sticking

* had a fabulous music lesson with Ms. Nolan learning about rhyme and rhythm

* practised more writing of their names and they are getting so amazing at it! Lots of practise at home will help them improve.