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Spring 2

Week commencing 18.03.24

Its all about Easter this week! The children have been learning all about Easter and what it means for different people. This week the children have:

* been busy making their Easter cards for their family which includes potato printing and designing a fabulous egg

* learnt how to draw different patterns, ask them and you will be impressed at how fab they are!

* learnt about Christianity and what it looks like inside a church

* explored what sinking and floating means, with lots of predicting and dealing with misconceptions.. maybe they can do this in the bath?

* solved maths problems about how many left and how many more?

* done some super threading Easter eggs with wool. I was super impressed with their skills

* did an Easter egg hunt outside and collected them all around the outdoor area

* learnt some more clapping and counting sounds through monster phonics

* loved setting up their own assault course outside using wooden planks, foot steps, crates and much more!



Week commencing 04.03.24

This week the children have been learning about astronauts!

The children have 

* explored what astronauts eat and what they do in space...can they discover more at home?

* learnt about gravity and about how Isaac Newton discovered this...see if they can show you how gravity works!

* learnt how to program robotic beebots to help us with direction and numbers

* made some lovely mothers day cards and gifts for all the lovely mothers out there...we hope you will like it?

* did some fabulous astronaut writing about what they would take if they went into space

* retold the story of the three bears using lots of imaginative voices and with the use of puppets this time. It was a joy to see them in their element!

* looked how things that begin with c s and b! great listening skills...can they find things in their house that begin with these letters?

* looked at how we can use instruments to made zoo animal noises

* understood the importance of brushing our teeth twice a day...can they tell you whats good and bad for teeth?

* made some fabulous space scenes using different media




Week commencing 26.02.24

The children have been learning more about space this week and they are loving it!

This week the children have:

* learnt how to say hello in Urdu ' Asalaam Alaikum - see if they can show you?

* practised describing routes by setting up their own road route and telling me what they can see?

* have made some amazing rockets for our DT week  using different junk modelling and joining materials

* learnt how to travel in different ways for our PE lesson, such as a doctor, ambulance driver and a firefighter.

* made a space city using blocks and lego alongside superheroes and alien characters - lots of imaginative play here...it was very fun!

* about Goldilocks and the three bears and how to retell the story using our very own special story stick with eyes!

* played lots of maths games to practise our counting and measuring skills- the children are getting very good at number counting.

* explored magnetism - what is a magnet? what does a magnet pickup? lots of experiments to find out what things pick up magnets and why? this was very exciting for the children.


Week commencing 19.2.24

The children have been super excited learning all about space.  This week the children have:

* learnt about what space is and what planets are in space 

* discussed what bedtime means and the importance of getting enough sleep to keep us healthy, perhaps you can discuss this at home

* explored sizes and have learnt key words to describe size such as tall, short, long, small and big. Can they describe different items of size at home?

* explored in the sand space, which is now really sloppy ( the children demanded it!)

* played in the space station, role playing astronauts! Can they learn more about astronauts at home?

* designed and made some beautiful space cakes with the playdough

* created their own planets using paint flicking, gluing and sticking

* had a fabulous music lesson with Ms. Nolan learning about rhyme and rhythm

* practised more writing of their names and they are getting so amazing at it! Lots of practise at home will help them improve.