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Summer 2

If you are isolating at home please find your learning activities here.

Please find Week 1 and 2 listed below

For Week 3-7 Please use the icons

Week 1 14.6.21


Work through the powerpoint and sort or label how you think the seeds on the sheet are dispersed.


Lesson 3 - Discuss with child what conjunctions are – can they give examples of sentences with conjunctions?

Load up  conjunction PP.

Go through IWB slides focussing on where the conjunctions are (in class)

Can pupils think of any other causal conjunctions?


THIS MAY NEED TO BE GUIDED: Pupils to read plant text. They are to write sentences from the text which contain conjunctions into their book and underline the conjunction.



Ancient Egypt Day


Pupils will be learning how to create a ppt. A different skill will be taught each week and pupils will continue to add this to their ppt. 


LO: To alter font, size and colour for emphasis and effect

Using the PowerPoint software demonstrates how to add a background colour & text to a slide and change the font, size and colour of text. Show the children ‘Word Art’ for creating titles.


Children should begin writing their instructions. They should explore changing the font, size and colour of text for effect, as well as using Word Art to create titles.




Week 2


Lesson 4

Discuss with pupils what plants need – focus on the water. How does the plant get water? Challenge when pupils say through their roots – does the water just stay in the root?

Discuss and assess previous knowledge of pupils.


Pose problem to class
Can you solve my problem for me?

I’m very thirsty. I have a cup of water but I’m not allowed to pick it up or bend down to drink from it. How can I get a drink?


Discuss ideas and settle on using a straw – what part of the plant do you think acts as a straw?

Go through ppt and recap how plants transport water around.


Give pupils a very brief explanation cut up into strips.
Pupils to order how water moves around a plant – can they think of time adverbials to include? Could they add further detail to the explanation?

Lesson 5 and 6                                            LO: To write an explanation 

Remind pupils of features of explanation texts – refer to working wall.

Play https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/class-clips-video/how-to-write-an-explanation/zh2kjhv


Children should write an explanation of either how water is transported though a plant or how a plant grows - child's choice and will reflect on their science knowledge.


Think about how we should introduce the explanation – class/child/parent/carer, write a few sentences together which pupil can use as a basis to help them start their explanations.





LO: To use 4 figure grid references






LO: To find out about the people of Egypt from artefacts that are left behind

Print out the artefact pictures and cut them out (double sided so that the descriptions are on the back).

Have a look at the items and try to decide what they are. When you're ready turn over to see the description. 

What do the artefacts tell us about the dead person? AND – What does this tell us about the Ancient Egyptians?