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Yesterday you should've started your Indian fairy tale story. You have already planned it during class time and drawn a visual story map - please make sure you refer back to these regularly.

Remember what makes our writing 'FABULOSO!' 

Please continue to write the next 2 paragraphs. Please don't finish your story today as I don't want you to rush it.


Are you using speech? Are your extending your sentences and adding detail to them? Are you thinking about your word choices and using adventurous vocabulary?

Most importantly...are you stopping regularly to read your writing and checking for punctuation?  

Please don't finish your story today as I don't want you to rush it.



LO: To Recognises that light from the sun can be dangerous and that there are ways to protect their eyes

Open up power point and read through each slide.


Discuss effects of UV light. 

Look at how the eye works.

Discuss how UV can damage the eye.

How can we protect our eyes?

Children to  create a safety poster to show how to protect our eyes from the sun or a poster/advert advertising a new pair of super safe sunglasses. 


Extension.... children could perform a tv advert and film it. This advert would stress the importance of protecting your eyes from sunlight and the potential dangers of sunlight.  They could then email it into school for us to watch in class.


Guided Reading

Complete the comprehension for today.