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Home Learning - W/C 11.5.20 - Food and Nutrition


We have added 3 PowerPoints below that will guide your Science lessons this week. You will be learning about the different food groups, and the seasonality of food as well as having the option to bring this learning together to plan a meal a healthy, seasonal meal!

Home Learning - W/C 20.4.20 - Forces and Magnets


We have added 3 activities that you could have a go at this week to finish off our topic on forces and magnets. There are more resources below for you to have a look at too!

Science - Forces and Magnets
Explore the force of friction using the above document for inspiration. Have a toy car? Make a ramp and measure how far your car travels. Change the ramp surface by adding a different material to it. How does it affect how far your car travels? Remember if you are changing the ramp surface keep all other variables the same such as the toy car and the ramp height.

Science - Rocks & Fossils

Science - Human Body