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Week 3 28.6.21





Look at the diary text extract (1) and questions below. Can you answer the questions in detail?


Read the next diary extract below (2) and see if you can highlight any features of diary writing. Can you draw a picture to represent what is going on in the extract and write on any emotions/feelings in words.


Can you predict what will be in the next diary entry tomorrow?


Read the final diary entry below (3).What has happened?

What diary features can you see in this extract?

Highlight the verbs in the text. This is what he does.

Can you draw a story map of what you know about the story so far?


Practise your target spellings and use your best handwriting between the lines. Remember these spellings are stapled in to your homework book.


Monday RE

LO: To demonstrate my learning about what it means to be a Christian in Britain today.

Can you draw a mind map and tell us all about your learning this term on what it means to be a Christian in Britain today?

We have drawn mind maps before but if you need a reminder and  to see what one looks like then please google - mind map- images


Monday ICT

Can you start to create a slide in Power point using the skills I taught you last week.

Create a new slide

Create a title page using words and images.

Can you send the image to the back?


It's cricket again this week. Practise your throwing and catching skills with a tennis ball.


Create a circuit of activities in your house or garden (e.g. step ups on the bottom step of the stairs) that will raise your heart rate a little and keep you in shape for the day!


We are practising our 4 figure grid references this week. Can you use the resources below and complete the activity. 

Can you remember your 8 points of the compass?


The first activity is a warm up and the 2nd activity is your challenge!


LO: To find out about the people of Egypt from artefacts that are left behind

Print out the artefact pictures and cut them out (double sided so that the descriptions are on the back).

Have a look at the items and try to decide what they are. When you're ready turn over to see the description. 

What do the artefacts tell us about the dead person? AND – What does this tell us about the Ancient Egyptians?









Practise the words above. You could try:

- Pyramid words

- Identifying the tricky part of the word

-Trace, copy, replicate

- Look, say, cover, write, check

- Drawing around the word to show the shape

- Drawing a mnemonic around the word.



How does the Eatwell guide help us to eat healthily?

What should we eat to keep us healthy?

Food is divided into groups to help us understand what to eat and how much.

Work through the powerpoint about the Eatwell guide.

Look at the food in the document below. Sort it into the correct document. Can you add anymore?