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Autumn 1

Week commencing 2nd October 2023

Our second week of learning about Leafman:

* Making their own leafman playdough and then writing a speech bubble on what journey their leafman went on

* Practised how to draw ourselves

* Practised our painting skills and painted some beautiful Autumn trees with Autumnal colours

* Discussed what emotions are and talked about how we feel and what we do during these emotions

* Learnt how to create an autumnal woodland/habitat using different resources- they were so cute

* Looked at how we can represent numbers 1 and 2 in different ways - they had so much fun doing this! 

 * Introduced to the mud kitchen and it was great fun mixing and stirring autumn concoctions! Yummy mud pies!

* Introduced to number 3

*  Celebrated Black History Month  and discussed what different icons did throughout history and made a poster about this!

* Monster Phonics - went on a sound hunt to explore what sounds we can hear inside and outside!


What can you do at home?

Practising lots of mark making at home. Lots of counting out at home. Looking at Autumn changes in the environment. Exploring black history - special icons and what they did?




Week commencing 25th September 2023

This week we did lots of learning based on our book of the week LEAFMAN

This week the children have:

* Learning about what journey Leafman went on

* Learnt how to write using different mark making skills

* Looked at sounds in Monster Phonics Land and what Miss Oh-No's  heard during her shopping trip 

* Collected leaves around school and then did some leaf paint printing with them

* Practised our counting skills using different autumn games 

* Played lots of Autumn Maths games to help develop our problem solving skills

* Introduced the water tray - We had no wee wees on the floor too! What a success!

* Designed a leafman

* Introduced to number 2

* Discuss hibernation and explored the word ' gliding'


What can you do at home?

Collect different and unique leaves and bring them to school? Collect conkers as we need some in nursery! Do lots of counting to 10. Go on a sound journey at the supermarket - what can they hear?

Week commencing 18th September 2023


The children have been learning lots about Autumn and what Autumn means and looks like.

This week the children have been:

* Making playdough hedgehog families - super cute habitats were created.

* Playing in the Autumn house and the hedgehog hospital - they loved looking after them.

* Introduced to Monster Phonics and learning about sounds - Monster phonics land and Angry red A

* Learnt about Number 1 - This number went on an adventure with them!

* Looked at continuing a teddy pattern sequence - they did super at this!

* Introduced to the PSED coloured drops and discussed how pink drop felt when starting school

* Autumn Tree Painting inspired by the artist Luiza Vizoli

* Explored non-fiction Autumn Books


What can you do at home?

Talk about Autumn. Can they spot autumn when walking outside? What can they see? Can they collect autumn items on their way to school and share them in class? Can they make patterns at home?