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Year 6

The Great Didsbury Road Bake Off


Mrs Jones has organised this amazing activity for all of our baking enthusiasts to enjoy during lockdown. This is entirely voluntary and you only need to enter if you would like to. Read the information below about this week's theme and where to send pictures of your bakes! 


This week is BISCUIT WEEK!! 
You can make anything that represents a biscuit such as a cookie, shortbread, party rings or gingerbreads.

You can pick and choose which rounds you would like to do:
Signature Round- Is a tried and tested recipe that you enjoy doing.

Technical Round- You will be testing your ability to follow a recipe. See the biscuit week word document for details of the technical round.


Please email weekly photos of your bakes to
admin@didsburyroad.stockport.sch.uk and they will be passed onto Mrs Jones.


You can find more information below. Happy baking!


Half Term Fun!

Well Year 6 - we made it! Whether you have been in school or working from home you have all worked extremely hard and we are very proud of you. Attached below is the half term activity bingo sheet for you to try and complete as many activities as possible over the next week. Send it in to your teacher at the start of the new term and we will send out a certificate to you. Also attached is the family activity: Wind your Way to Wembley 2021. If you wish 

to take part in this then follow the instructions on the sheet.


Have a lovely half-term Year 6 and we will see you at the live check-in on Monday 22nd February.



Rules for Year 6 Live Check-Ins

We can't wait to see all your faces again on the Live Check-ins from 9:15am every school morning from next Monday 11th! But first, read the instructions and rules below…

- Join by clicking the link which will be visible on the Stream on Monday morning at 9:15am

- Don't join too early - if you are the first person on the meet then please leave until your teacher arrives

- Mute yourself before you enter, but you can have your camera turned on

- Do not change your background. Blurring your background is fine though.

- Try not to be in your bedroom - if you have to be, then blur your background using the settings before you enter the Live Check-in

- Once in the Live Check-in, Three B's at all times - Be Kind to others, Be Respectful to your teacher and peers, and Be your Best in terms of your behaviour

- Click the "Raise Hand" button if you would like to speak, and only once chosen, un-mute yourself to speak. Then re-mute yourself and "Lower your hand" by clicking the "Lower Hand" button

- Your teacher can mute you, but you must un-mute yourself to speak, but only when asked to! I cannot unmute your microphone for you

- Do not use the Live Chat typing box to message in or each other. Only use this to tell your teacher that your microphone isn't working

- No screenshots of the class Live Check-in please - your friends might not have permission.

- No face-pulling / gestures / showing objects on camera / behaviour you wouldn't show in school!


You will be removed from the Live Check-in if you do not follow any of the rules, but you can re-join providing you stick to them. Remember, we don't have long to "meet", so please follow the rules and we'll have a great time catching up every morning.


Your username is your school email: Joe.Bloggs@didsburyroad.stockport.sch.uk



If your surname is hyphenated then the hyphen will appear in your email too.

Your password is: Password1


Take care,

 Year 6 teachers

Year 6 2021 - 2022


  Mrs Clapperton            Mrs Potts




Welcome to Year 6!

It's so lovely to have all the children back in school and they have settled in really well and seem eager to get on with their learning! 


Children must have a reading book in school every day, whether this is one borrowed from class or brought in from home. (Books that are borrowed from school will be quarantined for 48 hours before being returned to shelves.)

Homework diaries must be in school every day and children will be expected to fill them in as and when homework is given out and ensure that homework is handed in on the day that it is due.


PE days:

6C and 6G - Monday and Friday

6P - Tuesday and Friday

Children should come into school dressed in their PE kits on these days.


Our Topics for this year:


Autumn Term

Round Our Way

Bright Sparks


Spring Term

Urban Antics

It's Alive!


Summer Term

Cracking Contraptions

Moving on up...