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Year 6

Friday 22nd May

Good morning! Well, you made it through another week… in fact, you made it through another half term! Today is the last day of home learning for the week, then you get a fortnight off. If you’ve not done a lot of work this week, see if you can give yourself one last 'push’ today- after that you can relax. If you have been working hard, keep it up for one more day, then take a well-deserved break! 

  Although there will be no official home learning for the next two weeks, I am going to try and spend the rest of the day today putting together a list of great activities you could come back to do over the holidays. There will be nothing you have to do, but you might choose to come and have a look at some activities on those days when you’re feeling a bit bored or in need of something different to do. I’ll try to post it in the Summer Home Learning section by the end of the day, but remember, it’s just for fun.

  I watched a brilliant Science lesson online yesterday. You might have seen it already- it’s this week’s Wonder Wednesdays lesson from Dr Chips. I found it by looking on this week’s theme from The Great Science Share. Both of the websites are fantastic, really worth exploring! There are some great ideas of things to try at home (I do often skip Dr Chips on a bit until he gets onto the actual lesson… you think WE go on! laugh)

  The lesson I watched was all about biomimicry- how engineers use strategies found in nature to solve design problems. I love that word- biomimicry! I’ve just looked up its origin. Apparently, the word is derived from the Greek word ‘bios’, meaning life (like biology, etc) and ‘mimesis’, which means mime/imitate. So literally translated it is ‘imitate life’, which I suppose is what the engineers are trying to do! One of the tasks in the lesson links with art- I think lots of you would find it really interesting! The biomimicry part starts around 15 mins into the video.

Well done to Bea for all that adaptation work you posted on the blog yesterday- fantastic effort! I am hoping that lots of you get to do your settings writing from today’s English lesson; I’d love to read anything you manage to produce.

Whether it’s about work, or whether it’s just a quick hello, it would be great to hear from you today!


Take care,

Mrs Clapperton and Mrs Gibson

Year 6 2019-2020


  Mrs Clapperton       Mrs Gibson




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