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Autumn 2

Week commencing 13.11.23

Another exciting week for the children!

This week the children have:

* been learning how to explore the feelings of different characters

* practising to draw simple emotions in faces such as happy, sad, angry, shocked. Can they have a go at drawing these at home?

* designed a rangoli pattern using colour stamps, the children have so much fun doing this today?

* designed and created an online computer Diwali Catching game - this is simple programming and coding for early years...they were super at this!

*  made toast! we learnt how to sequence the steps of making toast and then we made it ourselves...it was delicious!...I bet they can do this at home too!

* had a go at making paint hair using runny paints and blowing the paint through straws....it was fun but hard to blow through a straw for some of the children....can you do this at home? It was fun to do!

* explored different types of technological toys, lots of investigating and working out here...the children even made a band with the electrical guitar and piano!

* spotted 2D shapes in everyday pictures and were super at finding them...I wonder what shapes they can see at home?

*  looked at traffic safety  and how to cross the road safely...can they talk you through what to do when crossing the road?

* learnt about bullying and how to manage behaviour and emotions.





Week commencing 6.11.23

Continuing the Diwali festivities in class and its's been great!

This week the children have: 

* learnt about the different cultural celebrations from around the world? Can they research anymore for themselves?

* explored all about number 5 and his journey 

* investigated and showed how they can represent numbers in different ways - super fine motor skills here, they were awesome at drawing! I wonder if they can show you these skills at home?

* practised their washing skills in the water tray , lots of washing pots with sponges and washing brushes in preparation for Diwali! Can they practise some washing at home?

* showed how they can represent 2d shapes in different ways - making rockets, houses and other patterns.

*  created their own fireworks painting based on the famous painting by Edward Middleton "FIREWORKS" 

* decorated and painted their diva lamps ready to light the candles for Diwali this Sunday!





Week Commencing 30.10.23

What a fabulous week to start Autumn 2 term off!

This week the children have been learning about the Indian Festival Diwali, a festival, that Mrs Kaur celebrates herself! I will be sure to be showing the children my photos of what I get up to during my Diwali celebration!

This week:


* We have been learning how to say ' hello' in different languages, so far we have learnt how to say hello in French, Spanish and Polish. This week is the Hindu way of saying hello, which is 'Namaste!'. Can they show you?

* We made our very own diva lamps using clay and they will be decorated next week to take home. Can they make some with Playdough at home?

* We learnt the story of Ram and Sita and how Diwali is celebrated in different households. Can they retell the story to you?

* We listened to sounds from the farm and had to identify which animal the sounds come from? Can they go on a sound walk at the farm too with you?

* We read the book ' How to catch a star!" as part of our Growth Mindset, and now understand what it means to never give up- all the children did not give  up this week and now their star is in the sky - ask them and they will tell you what it is! What goal could they achieve at home?

* we practise to recognise and write our name - can they practise this at home?

* played a Diwali Maths game using the characters from Diwali

* We learnt how to build a castle and make an enclosed space using the bricks - can they make a brick or lego house at home?

* We decorated a hand template to make some beautiful henna designs

* We also made an awesome Diwali card to take home next week.