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English Wednesday 10th Feb

Still image for this video

LO: To revise how we draw pictograms.

Warm Up

Practise x tables and division facts using our word search style puzzle today today. There is a document attached called Wednesday Circle The Division facts p3. If you can print this out that would be great. If not then just write the answers for each circle in a list. Do as many as you can in ten minutes, then stop. We shall have another go at this next week to see if we are a little more confident.


Main Activity

Today we are investigating drawing pictograms. This may be a recap for some from Y2 Term 3.

Please watch the video lesson.

Please work through the Wednesday Power Point to make sure you understand what was mentioned in the video.

Complete the Wednesday activity. This can be printed out or write answers in your home learning book. Please don’t copy all of the questions out, just write your answers. Use any jottings and methods you would like to work out your answers in your book too, just like we do at school!

Check your work alongside the answers.


If the above work challenged you then you do not need to do this activity. Look at the Wednesday Extension Activity challenge yourself to answer some of the problems.

Maths Wednesday 10.2.21.mp4

Still image for this video


LO: To think about what is needed in a first aid box.

  • When might you need first aid at school or at home?
  • Look at the charades cards below for ideas. Play this with your family if you can.
  • What would you need in the first aid box to help?
  • Draw and label the contents of a first aid box using the template below or draw you own template.

PE, Keeping Fit and Active

For today's PE lesson we would like you to develop your co-ordination, balance and improve your strength.

This lesson involves you rocking and rolling! Please make sure you have enough space and that you are safe.

Please watch the youtube video.


I'd love to see how you get on, so if you would like to film yourself and email in to the year 3 email, then that would be great!