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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 2023-24

Welcome to Year 5. We are really excited to welcome you all in to school. We look forward to working with children and parents to have a fabulous Year 5! 


Mrs Holmes, Mrs Norbury and Mrs Lagonegro smiley

Important Messages

Most messages will be communicated straight from the office via the app so please make sure your contact details are up to date. Thank you.


PE Days for both classes will be Monday and Wednesday. Monday is indoor kit and Wednesdays is outdoor kit.


Tatton Park

Keep a look out for the letter notification and start getting your costume ready for being an Anglo Saxon.

Monday 25th September



Our Learning


  1. Autumn: Awesome Anglo Ancestors

  2. Spring: The final frontier

  3. Summer: A road trip to America


English and Maths are set each week and the children have a week to complete the activity. Lists of spellings will be sent out regularly for the children to practice at home using methods of their choice. Parents and carers, we would really appreciate your support with this at home. Work set is usually consolidation and application. Ongoing home work should be reading, spelling and times tables for a short period each day. If you have any questions or issues you would like to raise with us, please feel free to approach us in the playground after school or send an email via the office and we shall get back to you as quickly as possible smiley


Monday - Maths will be given out to be handed back in the following Monday.

Friday - Spellings will be given out for the following week and English will be set to be handed in the following Friday.

Please read at home regularly and practice your number facts and multiplication and division facts.


Reading is a valuable skill that all children should have the opportunity to develop. We would like to work together with you to develop your child's reading. You can support this by reading with your children at home and sign the yellow reading record to let us know how they are getting on. Books can be changed once the children have finished them and they are returned to school. We encourage the children to read a wide range of texts and different genres. Guided reading takes place each week with the class teacher.


This term we are setting off with place value and learning about where numbers are placed within the number system. This includes Roman Numerals and powers of numbers. We will then be moving on to addition and subtraction and becoming confident with the more formal methods. We shall then move on to Multiplication and Division and link this to our final topic on Fractions just before the Christmas break.


Autumn Term 1: Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo is the text we use this term. We study the characters of Grendel and Beowulf and build our reading comprehension skills by looking at how authors present characters. In grammar we write sentences which include relative clauses linked to the text. We write a descriptive letter in role as a survivor of Grendel's attack. We then look at King Alfred the Great and write a biography about him. You can help your children at home by enjoying reading other biographies. Discuss how they are organised and what content is included. The Little Leaders and Little People, Big Dreams series of books are popular and include a diverse range of people for your children to choose from. Finally we explore Kennings (including Anglo Saxon ones) and write our own.



This term we will be answering the enquiry: Why was there a struggle between the Anglo Saxon and the Vikings? 

Within this topic, we will study where the invaders came from, where and why they settled. We will also find out about religion, village life and the changes within this time period. We will enrich our learning with our trip to Tatton park on Monday 25th September. We will use our knowledge to think like historians by understanding how history is depicted and to make arguments about the past.


As part of Black History Month, we will be learning about the contributions made by immigrant communities by Britain's economic and social development. 


This term we will be learning about the United Kingdom. As part of this unit of work, we will learn the names and locations of the countries, counties and cities by using maps, atlases and playing geography quizzes on the Chromebooks. We will learn about the topographical features of the U.K by creating our own topographical maps of the U.K whilst exploring the Three Peaks challenge. Then we will learn about food manufactured in specific counties/regions of the U.K and discuss physical and human influences on farming. Next we will explore changes over time in cities such as Sheffield, Blackpool and Birmingham. Finally we will link our geography learning to our history topic by finding out about the origin of place names and where the Vikings settled in the U.K.



This term we will be learning about properties and changes of materials. We will be investigating which materials can be separated, dissolve or evaporate. We will experiment with dissolving and mixing to find out which materials have reversible changes. Finally we will justify reasons for using particular materials based on our knowledge of their properties. 


Art and Design

This term we will begin with linking our art to mindfulness with 'zentangle' portraits. Then, we will develop our drawing skills by creating Anglo Saxon style illuminated letters. Finally we will be making Anglo Saxon shields using 3D materials. Our focus artist is: Michael Brennand Wood. 





At the start of term, we create a class charter together which incorporates our key class values. We will then explore 3 main topics: anger, inclusion & acceptance and peer pressure.

Religion, Beliefs and Values

Religion , beliefs and values is about exploring big life questions. Our first big question to explore is; Why do some people believe God exists? We look at this from many points of view, also exploring non beliefs and world views. Next half term we shall explore; What would Jesus do? Can we live by the values of Jesus in the 21st century?


Throughout the year we shall explore religions, beliefs, non beliefs, values and world views and shall link our learning with many aspects of the wider curriculum.





In Autumn 1, we will learn how to tell the time in French (including a revision of numbers) and how to read a school timetable. 

In Autumn 2, we will be learning about France, the country, and other French speaking countries. 

Design Technology

We will be making Anglo Saxon bread during our D&T days this term. This will be made in small groups using our design, make and evaluate process. 

ARCHIVED 2021-22

Home Learning

If you find yourself having to spend a few days at home then please follow the bee below to find your home learning.  wink

(Archived) Year 5 2020-21

Parents / Carers - If your child has SEND, click the link below to visit the SEND section of the website which offers advice and ideas for you and your child to support their Home Learning.
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Archived Home Learning Activities - Summer 2019-20

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