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LO: Revise suffixes ‘-ness’, ‘-ful’, ‘-less’ and ‘-ly’

Have a look at the sheet below. There are some core words to look at first. Can you complete the table by adding suffixes to the core words? 

English Friday 12th Feb

Still image for this video



Warm Up

Today is an opportunity to revisit anything you found tricky in the week. Use this time wisely and look back at anything you want to revisit or practise!


Main Activity

Today we are going to be investigating and using pictograms.

Please watch the video lesson.

Complete the Friday activity. This can be printed out or write answers in your home learning book. Please don’t copy all of the questions out, just write your answers. Use any jottings and methods you would like to work out your answers in your book too, just like we do at school!

Check your work alongside the answers.


If the above work challenged you then you do not need to do this activity. Look at the Friday Extension Activity Challenge Cards. Can you solve the problems? You don’t need to print these out but give them a go and write your answers neatly and clearly in your books.



Soil painting- Kirsten Kurtz

  • Watch my teaching video below
  • Then watch some of the video of Kirsten Kurtz. It is quite long and isn't made for children so you might not understand everything she is talking about. You don't need to watch it all-  it is good for you to see her ways of working.
  • Use the images in the Powerpoint or Word document below to sketch a design for your soil painting
  • Make your soil paint. This may be difficult and possibly an activity for half term.
  • Paint your design using soil paint or an earth coloured paint or any medium you have.

Art Video Friday 11.02.21

Still image for this video

Half term fun and fitness with the family!

Have a look at these fantastic activities you could do over half term with your family. Remember, being active and keeping healthy is super important and super fun!

If you and your family enter the competition, you could win lots of sporting equipment - wow! 


Come on Year 3 - let's do this!!!