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Spring 2 - Year 1

Year 1

We have loved welcoming Year 1 to Forest School in Spring 2! The weather started to get warmer and we had a mixture of very wet and sunny days!


We started the block of sessions by exploring the site and remembering our Forest School code.

The children read a book in class called Bog Baby so we imagined what a Bog Baby might look like, made it out of playdough and natural materials and made our creature a home! The children were very imaginative and some of the bog homes had bridges and underground hiding places!


We looked for plants and trees during a Forest School hunt and noticed we couldn't find any garden plants becuase it was a wild, wooldand area! We also couldnt see any deciduous leaves on the trees becuase of the time of year.  We saw plenty on the floor!

Year 1 learn a lot about deciduous and evergreen trees and garden and wild flowers so we wanted to explore this more whilst they were at Forest School. We made wild flower bombs with recycled paper and brought oldplastic bottles in from home and planted pansy seeds. 


Before the holidays, we did an Easter egg hunt by following clues and collected stamps along the way. For our final session, we learned about fire safety, trying new things, being patient and being cautious! We toasted marshmallows and they were delicious!!


We look forward to welcoming you back to Forest School in Year 2!