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Week 5 12.7.21


Practise your times tables each day using a strategy that you enjoy!



Write a diary entry in role as Howard Carter when he breaks through the chamber to discover the tomb of Tutankhamun. Think about his feelings, emotions, what he can hear, smell etc.


Continue to write your diary entry if you need to. Then we need to read and edit for improvement. Think about how you might improve your sentence structure, punctuation and vocabulary.


Today we are redrafting our work for presentation. Work really hard on your handwriting and work in black pen if you can. You may like to illustrate your diary too.





This week we are working really hard on our descenders within our writing. Work between the lines and try and write with a consistent shape.


Today we are going to be looking at maps and symbols. Think back to our work last week on ordnance survey maps and our map of Swanage. We identified some symbols and what they meant.


In class we are looking at a map of Castleton. If you have an ordnance survey map at home it would be really useful to look at.


Using the documents below our first activity is to make our own symbols that we could use on a map. Think of appropriate symbols for the different features you would find on the map.


Our second activity is to match the real symbols to the features

Watch Newsround each day to keep up with current events happening around us.



This week we are looking at pictures of artefacts found in the tombs across Egypt. we are trying to decide what the objects are and what job they may have had in Ancient Egypt. This is a discussion so you do not need to record anything.


In our reading time we shall be sharing a book together and answering questions that are raised.

Please read at home with an adult and discuss the text you are reading.

Can you find the International Standard Book Number?

Who published the book and when?

Who is the author and illustrator?

Can you talk about the characters feelings and emotions?

What do you think may happen next and why?

If you are reading non-fiction or poetry, what is your favourite part so far and why?

You might like to write a book review for someone else about your book.


Choose an area of our Ancient Egypt topic to explore further, your choice!

If you have PowerPoint then you could have a go at using the software to create a presentation for the class smiley



Can you think of a sentence for each set of homophones?

e.g. I have really grown this year but I still groan sometimes!