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Year 4

 Year Four 2020-2021

Please also check links and ideas further down the page.

The BBC and Oak Academy are again providing content to support and supplement home learning.

Guide timetable: If you are in school part time please try to keep to this other wise you may repeat or miss lessons in school.

Home Learning 18th January 2021

What a fantastic first week Year 4 four, Miss Evans and Mrs Fort have been really impressed by the work in school and at home. Thank you also to all the adults who are helping to keep our learning going.

Please check this week's timetable and look on Google classroom for the activities.

Choose PE activities to complete alongside your daily exercise. We hope soon to have some music lessons recorded by Ms Nolan - watch this space!

Have a look at our maths calendar - a question a day for January.

Keep reading and trying to answer questions on our Roman Rescue story.

4F please read the guidelines below for our daily live check-ins which will be starting this week. Our story is now also on Google classroom.

Hello, Year 4! 


We hope you are all well and looking forward to a great week of learning. There are a few things we would like to mention. 


Miss Evans will be at home this week and will be doing live check-ins with her class (4E). She will post the link in the 4E Google Classroom stream at 10:15. There are a few rules we would like you to follow when engaging in a live check-in:


-Join by clicking the link which will be visible on the Google classroom Stream on Monday morning at 10:15am

-Don't join too early - if you are the first person on the meet then please leave until Miss Evans arrives.

-Mute yourself before you enter, but you can have your camera turned on

-Do not change your background. Blurring your background is fine though.

-Try not to be in your bedroom - if you have to be, then blur your background using the settings before you enter the Live Check-in

- Once in the Live Check-in, Three B's at all times - Be Kind to others, Be Respectful to your teacher and peers, and Be your Best in terms of your behaviour

- Click the "Raise Hand" button if you would like to speak, and only once chosen, un-mute yourself to speak. Then re-mute yourself and "Lower your hand" by clicking the "Lower Hand" button - Miss Evans can mute you, but you must un-mute yourself to speak, but only when asked to! I cannot unmute your microphone for you

- Do not use the Live Chat typing box to message in or each other. Only use this to tell Miss Evans your microphone isn't working

- No screenshots of the class Live Check-in please - your friends might not have permission. - No face-pulling / gestures / showing objects on camera / behaviour you wouldn't show in school! 


These rules will be the same when Mrs Fort does her live check ins next week. 


We hope you can all access the home learning okay and that the videos work. If there are any problems, please email year4@didsburyroad.stockport.sch.uk


Have a brilliant week, Year 4! 


Non-screen activities to do at home

Keeping safe online


Think u know - Home activity packs for parents


The resources have been created by Think U Know (CEOP) to support parents during COVID-19. Each fortnight, they will be releasing new home activity packs with simple 15 minute activities for parents to  do with their child to support their online safety.


Please click on the link below to access the resources


Recommended Reads

Reading prompts for parents/carers

Each child will have login details for:

  • Times Tables Rock Stars
  • Nessy (not applicable to all children 20 minutes each day)
  • Dance Mat (not applicable to all children 20 minutes each day)
  • Espresso 'Discovery Education' is a fantastic website with a wealth of activities and information that links to learning right throughout primary school. See the link below.
  • Oddizzi geography website


Espresso  https://www.discoveryeducation.co.uk/   Username student6832    Password didsburyroad


Oddizzi  https://www.oddizzi.com/  Username: DRPSY4  Password: yearfour


Please use these as much as possible. Our recommendation is that children access TTRS for a minimum of 15 minutes every day.

2020 Home Learning Archived

Home Learning for isolating children week beginning 16/11/2020


Please see links below for websites and reading activities - read every day.



English: write the part of your Odyssey where he and his men confront 'a problem' then how Odysseus solves it/saves them. CHeck you are including adjectives and adverbs for description and using formal style language.

Spelling homework is accessible through Google classroom.


Maths: follow the links to practise websites and practise TTRS daily.

Maths games https://www.topmarks.co .uk/maths-games/7-11- years/addition-andsubtraction

Watch power point for Wednesday.

Wednesday Maths.

Home Learning week beginning 9/11/2020


Please also see Home Learning link at the bottom of the page for further resources.

Hello, Year 4 and Year 4 Parents and Carers!


We hope you are all well. Please find above the folders for our home learning which will contain the lessons and tasks for each subject. The weekly timetable will guide you through your learning this week.


Our daily live check ins on Google Classroom will start from Tuesday 10th November at 9.30am


Please keep in touch. If there is anything we can help you with or to send in your work, please email year4@didsburyroad.stockport.sch.uk


Please stay safe and well and good luck with all your home learning. We are sure you’ll do a fantastic job!


Miss Evans and Mrs Fort



Reading books will be sent home on a Monday to be read and kept at home until Friday. Please share the book with your child and make comments in their reading record as usual. Return the book and reading record to school on the following Friday so that books can be kept over the weekend in school to be re-used on Monday. Children will choose a book from class to read in school as well as taking part in guided reading sessions with their teacher through the week. 


Homework will be given out for maths and english, maths will be sent home on a Friday to be handed in the following Thursday, english will be handed out on Tuesday to be handed in the following Monday. The children will have a folder to keep these in.


P.E. kits should be worn to school on the days that we have P.E. Y4 will have P.E. on Thursday and  Monday and should wear warm outdoor P.E. kit to school.


We are trying to adapt our usual practises to fit the current situation and it may not always go to plan. It may be that we will need to make further changes at a later date. Thank you for your continued help and support,

Mrs Fort and Miss Evans

Year 4 2019 - 2020


 Miss Evans 4E      Mrs Fort 4F









Welcome to fabulous Year 4

Our topics:


Autumn term

1. Meet the ancestors - The Legacy of Ancient Greece

2. Sounds Great- How we hear and make different sounds


Spring term

1. Roman or Celt? - What did the Romans ever do for us?

2. Loose in school - Finding our way around Didsbury Road.


Summer term

1. These bones were made for walking - Taking Year 4 to the Peak District

2. Moving moments - Natural habitats

Please note that any previous messages from Year 4 will be archived in the Archived Daily Messages Link below.