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Autumn 1

Autumn 1

All of the children have made a great start to the Autumn Term. We have already begun learning about our new topics. These include:

  • Maths- Place value and addition and subtraction
  • English- Narrative writing around “Stone Age Boy” and explanation texts using "Pebble in my Pocket" to explain how rocks are formed.
  • Science- Children will be learning about Rock and Fossils!
  • History- Changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age
  • Geography- Looking at how land use in prehistoric Britain started.
  • RE- Our big question is “What do different people believe about God?'
  • PSHE- Staying safe and hazard watching
  • Art- Developing skills of painting and sketching looking at cave paintings and Stonehenge. 
  • ICT- Media
  • PE - Football/basketball and Gymnastics
  • Music - Rhythm, pulse and ostinato