Didsbury Road Primary School

A Happy, Creative Learning Community showing kindness and respect to all.

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Senior Leadership Team


Headteacher Mrs G Collins

Deputy Headteacher Mrs E Milne 

Acting Deputy Headteacher and Key Stage 2 Leader Mrs V Potts

Assistant Headteacher and EYFS Leader Mrs E Ferdinand

Key Stage 1 Leader Mrs J Gibson


SENDCo Mrs J Warrington

School Business Manager Mrs L Darrington




Teacher: Mrs A Kaur & Mrs R Taylor
TAs: Ms L Harthen and Mrs N Beswick

Reception (RR)

Teachers: Mrs J Rowley

TAs: Mrs H Myers and Ms L Baldwin


Reception (RFS)

Teachers: Mrs E Ferdinand and Mrs R Smith

TAs: Mrs N Williams and Mrs S Kane


Key Stage 1 Team


Year 1 

Teachers: Miss S Fisher (1F)

Miss B Rowe (1R)

TAs: Mrs N Gondal, Mrs S Singh and Mrs I Malik


Year 2

Teachers: Mrs J Gibson (2G)

Mrs J Davies and Mrs Y Littlewood (2DL)

TAs: Mrs A Harrison and Mrs I Malik


Key Stage 2 Team


Year 3

Teachers: Miss J Cropper and Mrs J Warrington (3CC)

Ms D Logue (3JH)

TA: Mrs A Mostafa


Year 4

Teachers: Mrs K Partington (4P)

Miss R Evans (4E)

Miss F Timbrell (4T)

TAs:  Mrs S Dolan, Mrs V Shanbhag & Mrs R Khan


Year 5

Teachers: Mrs C Lagonegro (5L)

Mrs H Holmes and Mrs J Norbury (5HN)

TAs: Ms L Baldwin & Mrs P Daley


Year 6

Teachers: Mrs V Potts (6P)

Mrs S Clapperton (6C)

TA: Mrs P Daley 



Music Teacher Ms R Nolan


Cover Supervisor Mrs K Wilkins


Learning and Welfare Mentor  Mrs L Powell


Sports Cover Supervisor  Mr G Dixon


Site Manager Mr C Darrington


Administration Assistants Mrs K McCarthy & Miss A McConnell


Clerical Assistant Mrs J Galloway


Cleaners Mr D Southworth & Mrs G Rochford


Mid-day Assistants

Ms L Baldwin

Mrs N Beswick

Mrs N Chenjera

Mrs S Dolan

Mrs N Gondal

Ms L Harthen

Mrs G Jilani

Mrs S Kane

Mrs R Khan

Mrs I Malik

Mrs A Mostafa

Mrs H Myers

Mrs V Shanbhag

Miss R Sharples

Mrs J Valli

Mrs N Williams