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Today we continue our theme of homophones and near homophones whilst we are practising our handwriting joins. We are aiming to create really good letter shape and size, whilst joining on and off of our letters smoothly to create beautifully neat and joined handwriting.


Use the document below to practise your joins or you could use the 2 lines in your books.


Watch the video then complete the acvitiy.


This week we are continuing building our knowledge of the Hindu faith and prayer.

Please watch this video from Espresso about prayer and Puja (using the details below)


If this video won't play then please log on to Espresso and search Puja in the search bar. Select the video 'Worship in the Mandir'


Espresso Log in Details:

Username student6832     Password  didsburyroad  



Puja is a really important part of Hindu prayer and really appeals to the senses. Can you complete the activity below using the video to help you?