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The last two days we have been looking at shape poems using the PP on Wednesday's home learning page. 

Today is the day that you get to write one yourself - how exciting!


Choose your subject (what your poem is going to be about)

Think how you are going to arrange the words - what shape are they going to make?

Your short phrases will include adjectives perhaps, alliteration and possibly rhyme.


Have fun and we look forward to reading them in class!




It is super important to keep your body and your mind active. If you are well enough to be active then how about loading up a Joe Wicks workout or a jump Start Johnny workout?! We've done these in class at times when it's raining, and they really get your heart rate up! 


If you aren't up for being active as your feel a little poorly, how about you design a game that we could try out in the playground? You'll have to write a list of equipment, write the rules and draw a plan of how to set out the game.