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Spring 1 - Year 3

Year 3

Over the course of 6 weeks we focused on survival skills and linking what we have learned about mountain rescue, fossils and rocks in the classroom to the outdoors!

We started the block of sessions by working in teams to build a tarpaulin den using a knot that we could use in lots of surival situations. 

The following week we learned how to filter water using lots of natural materials if we were eve stuck in the wilderness in an emergency! The water has dirty and full of debris before it went into the filter system but afterwards it was transarent and much clearer!

In week 3, we used our geographical skills to complete a star orrienteering course. The children loved working in teams to complete this and loved the maths challenges that were included along with their prize at the end!

We moved onto looking at looking at experiements withs rocks, volcanoes and fossils, linking it to what we have been learning in the classroom. We made our own volcanoes using bicarbonade of soda and vinegar! We loved watching the eruptions!! We also made our own verisons of metamorphic rock, melting two crayons together on the fire and watching them morph into a new rock that we could take home!


We look forward to welcoming you back to Forest School in Year 4!