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This week we are writing our very own version of The Egyptian Cinderella. Think about the style of Cinderella but all the facts of Ancient Egypt. Use the story we read last week as a model to write your own version of Egyptian Cinderella.


Use the guide below to write 2/3 sections each day until your story is complete. Remember all the aspects that you would get rewards for in class!


Think about what History is. If you were trying to explain what History is to someone, what definition would you write or how would you show them?


Can you remember about exploring where Egypt is in the world?  Look at Egypt in detail and tell me a bit about the landscape and physical features. Use IT to help you and the maps you can find on the Internet.


We have been practising our athletic skills. See if you can practise your sprinting and jumping skills. If you have a large area you could even practise your throwing skills and measure the distance.