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Spring 1

Week commencing 15th January 2024


The children have had wintery week. We loved playing in the snow on Tuesday and we even made a snowman. We also went to the fields to see the junior children's snowman! They were huge.

The week, the children have:

* practised saying hello in Inuit language " Atelihai"

* learnt about which animals live in the artic

* looked closely at how ice forms and used magnifying glasses to see the patterns in our very own ice balloons

* created snowmen playdough and snowmen paintings

* read a story with Mrs Kaur, and discussed all different aspects of a book

* danced to miss oh- no's musical movements and also did some I spy sounds with yellow I

* completed and played winter maths games working on more or less, measuring and ordering length, pattern matching, number matching

* practised writing their name and numbers...can they practise this at home?

* looked at the properties of 3D shapes and spotted everyday objects.. can they spot some at home?



Week commencing 8th January 2024


Welcome back parents to the new year. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and had lots of fun. This week the children have been learning all about Winter.

This week, the children have:

* Explored what Winter is and what is looks by going on a Winter's Walk in our school. Perhaps you could explore winter at home.

* Discussed what we wear for Winter and what different seasons look like. Talk to your child about what clothes we need to wear now that it is getting colder.

* Played in the new Winter house, getting dressed for Winter and making warm foods

* Practised our cutting skills on the making table to make some snowmen.

* Played ' roll a snowman' maths game, great for dice recognition.

* Made some bird feeders using cheerios and pipe cleaners. We will hang them up around school this week and next.  Perhaps you can make some feeders at home too!

* Used our 5 senses to talk about a winter picture to help develop our vocabulary.

* Painted snowman using special puffy paint, we hope they turn out well!

* We also role played polar bears and penguins in the water play area.